Changed MBID Feed

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Status: In May, 2016 this service became unavailable. Plans to resume it are being discussed (as of March 2017).

The changed MBID feed is designed to make something akin to an RSS feed for the data that changes in MusicBrainz on an hourly basis. Currently the files are placed into the MusicBrainz FTP site on an hourly basis. For each hour, there will be one gzip compressed JSON file that lists the MBIDs of entities that have changed in the last hour:

    "artist":        ["d7bf8ced-b319-45c7-a515-9744771d6b1e", ... ],
    "work":          ["6fc41e69-116e-459d-bde0-93870d6927c5", ... ],
    "label":         ["9e6b4d7f-4958-4db7-8504-d89e315836af", ... ],
    "recording":     ["c6906886-e5ab-46ec-836c-3439d0b0ac61", ... ],
    "release":       ["765c3615-9f26-4c9c-bcfc-1ff2a48d867c", ... ],
    "release_group": ["c98f342f-ba4f-3d0f-bc27-ab9c5c3e38de", ... ],

Please note that if a new releases get added to an artists, that artist MBID will not appear in this list. Changes to one entity will never cascade to another entity in this data feed. If you wish to find any changes to data that belongs to an artist (e.g a new release was added) you will need to examine that other data to see if any data for your artist was added. We realize that this is not ideal, but making all of the data changes fully cascading would make the changed id feed huge. We're soliciting feedback on how we can improve this without supplying a whole cascading chain of changed ids.

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