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Compositeur-Auteur-Editeur Number


The Compositeur-Auteur-Editeur number (CAE) was a standard number for identifying the people or groups with some involvement with a particular musical work / compositions.

The CAE list was created and managed by the Swiss organization SUISA ("SUISse Auteurs"), with the cooperation of many of the international works licensing organizations.

The use of CAE numbers ceased in October 2001. Just as the ISRC and ISAN numbers were created for work identification, the CAE number was merged into the creation of the IPI number, to form a uniform set of work and artist identification numbers at IFPI.

All CAE numbers were nine digits long.

CAE numbers can also be used at the websites of other work registration organizations, such as BMI to locate artists and labels in their databases.

MusicBrainz doesn't currently store CAEs but could do so for label listings.

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