BBC Landing Page

Hi, and welcome to MusicBrainz! This page is intended to give you a few starting points to edit MusicBrainz, whether you're an artist or a user of the BBC Music site.

Please read it (and other relevant guides) before starting to edit. If after reading you're still stuck, then contact us so we can help.


What is MusicBrainz?

MusicBrainz is a community-maintained open source encyclopedia of music information. Data in MusicBrainz can be edited and added to by anyone. Unlike Wikipedia, some edits go through a voting period before coming into effect.


Creating a MusicBrainz account

Follow the guide on how to create a MusicBrainz user account.

Note Note: You should create an account on the MusicBrainz site (, not on the wiki.

Note Note: Your MusicBrainz ID (MBID) can be found on the "Details" tab of your artist page.

Note Note: Your MusicBrainz account is not your artist page. Your artist page is created separately.

MusicBrainz doesn't have distinct artist or corporate user accounts. If you represent a organisation it is recommended that you show it in your username, eg. "sony_bob" or "bbc_john".

Creating a MusicBrainz artist page

Creating a new artist is simple, just follow the How to Add an Artist guide.

If an existing, different artist has the same name as you, don't try to change their artist page. Instead add a new artist for you and work with that. If the BBC have automatically attributed radio plays to the wrong artist by mistake, visit to find out how to contact them.

Once the artist page has been created on MusicBrainz it may take several hours for changes to show up in BBC pages.

Adding links to the artist

The BBC takes most of their links for an artist from MusicBrainz. For adding a new link, follow the guide for adding URLs.

Note that the links are automatically added by the BBC and cannot be added or modified through MusicBrainz.

Adding a biography

The BBC displays biography extracts from the Wikipedia page related to the artist in MusicBrainz. You can add the relevant Wikipedia page by following the guide for adding a URL.

Adding releases

For adding releases (albums, singles, etc.) to your artist, follow the How to Add a Release guide.