Amazon Cover Art

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This is for anyone who is interested in pulling large (1448x1448) cover art images from Amazon. Making some sort of script to pull the zoomed cover tiles and reassemble them automatically would be really great. In any case, here is some info I've discovered...

Tiles explanation

Example URLs

Full URL for a fully zoomed-in image tile:,0,2)_+o=01+s=RMTILE+va=MAIN+ve=384967877+e=.jpg

Variable explanation

Derived URLs

So the functional URL for a 600x600 image (zoom level 0) becomes:

And the functional URLs for all max-zoomed tiles (omitting unused/ignored variables) become:,0,0),1,0),2,0),3,0),0,1),1,1),2,1),3,1),0,2),1,2),2,2),3,2),0,3),1,3),2,3),3,3)

See also

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