Disc ID “OK2SogaH0Ge2yHAESHWfcv6ikZg-

CD TOC details

Full TOC: 1 1 351644 150
Disc ID: OK2SogaH0Ge2yHAESHWfcv6ikZg-
FreeDB: 02124e01
Total tracks: 1
Total length: 1:18:09
Track details:
Track Start Length End
Time Sectors Time Sectors Time Sectors
1 0:02 150 1:18:07 351494 1:18:09 351644

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Position Title Artist Format Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
4/4 The Fatboy Slim Collection Fatboy Slim CD Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified) 88875078432 888750784322