Disc ID “BVloWtIvVrNqGGZ_U9hhE1M5_2g-

CD TOC details

Full TOC: 1 1 23311 150
Disc ID: BVloWtIvVrNqGGZ_U9hhE1M5_2g-
FreeDB: 02013401
Total tracks: 1
Total length: 5:11
Track details:
Track Start Length End
Time Sectors Time Sectors Time Sectors
1 0:02 150 5:09 23161 5:11 23311

Attached to releases

Position Title Artist Format Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
1/1 From Astral to Umbral 〜FINAL FANTASY XIV Arrangement Album〜 (BAND DEMO) 祖堅正慶 CD SQUARE ENIX (use SQUARE ENIX MUSIC for releases after mid-2014) SQEX-10481 [none]