Name ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] 5:51
A Fairy Tale 3:33
A Fairy's Tail 2:18
A Safe Guide to Suicide 3:06
Arapahoa 4:32
Cowmunism 2:09
Dating King Kong 2:47
Disco Lesbian 3:43
Fist of Mao in a Humbaga 3:49
Honeymoon in Venice 3:16
How I Learned to Pray 0:07
I Walk Like a Whore in Hollywood Boulevard 3:13
La Signora Filosofia 4:20
Let's Merrily Crush Them and Celebrate Our Victory Ovr Cheap Wine, Loose Women and Willing Men 4:51
Lethal Skate 2:06
Mensagem De Barzabu 3:56
Mosquito Lust 2:26
O Lavrador D'Almas 3:44
On the Way to Fatima 3:12
Pinga a Pipa 1:55
Pipi Longstrum Goes to L.A. 5:44
Raizors Impress People 2:18
The Man With the Golden Peanuts 1:58
The Night I Made Love to a Gun 5:05
The Tall Neck of the Giraffe 3:40
Tokyo, Copacabana 4:54
Urbagnole 3:29

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