Lix (doujin musician)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
To Make the End of Battle 2:10
Tracing Route (M4A2 mix) 8:58
Tracing Route (Resurrect Mix) 9:52
Transparent Metropolis fill out Black 5:41
Twilight Horizons 1632 6:01
Under the Moon (Earthlight Mix) 8:01
Valkylie Profile 急減至極生命力 -The Highway Breaker- ver1.2 3:47
Virtual Satellite (Original Mix) 8:24
Vision of Misty Rain 4:58
White Ark 3 (Gaia Mix) 9:30
Ys 2 Ice Ridge of Noltia -Lunatical Dance mix- ver2.1 3:28
Zero Absolute (Freezing mix) 6:17
おてんば恋娘 6:11
妖々夢(Rearrange) 10:27
竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess 6:20
聖剣伝説3 Decision Bell -Future Trance mix- ver1.0 5:05
聖剣伝説3 Hightension Wire -Angelic Skylite mix- ver1.1 3:15
聖剣伝説3 Sacrifice Part Three -Ancient Spectralic mix- ver2.0 4:21
英雄伝説4 守るべき一線 -Flative Reasonation mix- ver2.0 4:20
英雄伝説4 封印ノ地 -Divided Divine mix- 5:06
英雄伝説5 力の限り -Plus De Deformation- 4:02
英雄伝説5 邪魔する者は容赦しない -Digital Devilish style- ver1.1 5:38

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