Roscoe (US rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"Hope You Have a Good Day" Young Jeezy feat. Roscoe 3:10
#RNS Scoe 3:20
2 Live & Die 4 tha Westside Tha Realest feat. Kurupt & Roscoe ?:??
4 Real OG Rome feat. Kurupt & Roscoe 4:29
5 Seconds Roscoe 3:26
Ain't Nothin to It but to Do It Bad Azz feat. Roscoe & Eastwood 4:03
Ain't Nothin to It but to Do It Bad Azz, Roscoe, Eastwood, Lil J & Krook 5:12
All I Need Kurupt feat. Daz & Roscoe 4:15
All Ya’ll Can Get It Roscoe feat. Kurupt & B‐Real 4:13
Always on the Run DJ Wich feat. Gail Gotti & Roscoe 4:04
Anthrax J‐Ro feat. Styliztik Jones & Roscoe 3:51
Armory Gang Roscoe, Bulletz & AK 4:08
Armory Officials Roscoe feat. Armory Gang 4:10
B.A.N.G. TC feat. Young Flow, OG Cuicide, Snoopy Blue, Roscoe, Kadillak Kaz, Young Hustle, G‐Hood, D3 Tha Rocstar & Doe Boi Dollaz 6:41
Back In The Day Scoe feat. Kendrick Lamar & Kobe Honeycutt 3:15
Bad B*tchez Roscoe feat. Goldie Capone 3:27
Bang Mode Roscoe feat. Tri Star 4:24
Beef Roscoe feat. Armory Gang 5:46
Belly of a Whale Roscoe 3:16
Best Run Tha Dogg Pound feat. Beanie Sigel & Rosco 4:27
Bet Sumthin' Gonzoe & Roscoe ?:??
Bitch I Ball Scoe 3:14
Bitches Kurupt feat. Roscoe, Butch Cassidy 3:34
Bitches Kurupt feat. Roscoe & Butch Cassidy 2:50
Bonus Track Roscoe 6:16
Born to Ride Mr. Criminal feat. Roscoe, Chino Brown & Fingazz 3:29
Boss Me Up Crooked I feat. Kurupt, Roscoe & Eastwood ?:??
Bosses Only (2nd Version) Roscoe, Sean T, Enois Scroggins & Curtis Young 3:27
Bosses Only (Part.1) Roscoe, Neoh, Mac Lucci & A-Dub 3:33
Bout Mine Roscoe feat. Kurupt & Jayo Felony 3:06
Break Yo Bed Scoe feat. Clyde Carson & Too $hort 3:53
Bump Bump General Population feat. Roscoe 3:43
Bustin Kurupt feat.Roscoe 5:42
Cali Intro Roscoe 2:37
California (Remix) Sly Boogy feat. Mack 10, Jayo Felony, E-40, Kurupt, Crooked I & Roscoe ?:??
California Dreamin Scoe 4:06
Came to Git Doe DZ & Luck Lav feat. Roscoe & Jesse James 5:09
Can't Let That Slide Kurupt feat. Roscoe 4 6:48
Can't Wait to Blow DZ & Emerald P feat. Roscoe 4:12
Chain Bang Roscoe 3:27
Chillz Roscoe 3:54
Chip N Sprk Roscoe feat. Kurupt 3:28
Chosen Scoe feat. Yummy Bingham 3:56
Cocaïna Scoe feat. E Note 3:12
Cold World Whitney Peyton feat. Roscoe and Cool Nutz 3:45
Comeova2nite (həd) p.e. feat. Roscoe USS1N0710060
Crash Dummy Speedy feat. Roscoe & Piyow 4:10
Dey Ain't Ready Scoe feat. Xzibit 2:56
Digital World Kelis feat. Roscoe USVI20100399 4:25
Do My Thang Yukmouth feat. Val Young, Kurupt & Roscoe 4:12
Do Ya Feel Me Akon feat. Jadakiss & Roscoe 3:41
Does This B.G. Knocc Out feat. Roscoe 4:48
Dogg'z Day Scoe 2:25
Dogz Barkin' King T feat. Roscoe, Ras Kass, Styliztik Jones & Tri State 3:36
Dolla $Ignz Scoe 4:27
Don't Ask Me 4 S**t Tangled Thoughts feat. Gail Gotti & Roscoe 4:13
Easy Come Easy Go Roscoe 6:34
End Of Summer Scoe 3:34
F*ck Buddy Roscoe 4:07
Flip Flop Roscoe feat. Blaqthoven 4:42
Follow Me On Twitter Roscoe 4:05
Free Your Mind Sir Jinx feat. Roscoe & Tri Star 4:46
Freestyle Roscoe feat. Maylay, Tristate & King Tee 1:58
G Like Me Roscoe 2:29
G.A.N.G.S.T.A. Sir Jinx feat. Tri Star, Roscoe & Queen 4:17
Game Been Missin Kurupt feat. Daz & Roscoe 4:13
Gangbang Slo Stallone feat. Tri Star, Roscoe, Kurupt, Young Mel & Tone 4:09
Gangsta Ch*t Roscoe 4:02
Gangsta Gangsta Riderz Roscoe feat. Roosevelt, Supremo, Young Mel & Young Tone 3:52
Gangsta Noize Kurupt feat. Roscoe & Tristar 4:01
Genocide Swoop G feat. Roscoe 4:44
Get Flipped Roscoe 3:13
Get High Like an Eagle Roscoe feat. Iceberg, Supremo, Bizzle & Young Tone 4:26
Get It Kurupt & J. Wells feat. Goodie Mob & Roscoe 3:38
Get It Get It Tha Dogg Pound feat. Roscoe 4:21
Get Low Roscoe 5:21
Get My Grind On Roscoe 3:47
Get Ready Roscoe & Mr. Kane 4:03
Get Ready Roscoe ?:??
Get Ready (feat. Mr. Kane) Roscoe 4:27
Get Used to Me Roscoe & Bulletz feat Kurupt 5:39
Girls All Pause Kurupt feat. Nate Dogg & Roscoe 3:28
Girls All Pause Kurupt feat. Roscoe & Nate Dogg 3:30
Git Lifted DZ feat. J. Wells & Roscoe 4:07
Give a Dawg a Bone Kokane feat. Roscoe 3:22
Go Fly Scoe 3:01
Go Krazy The Raskal feat. Hopsin & Roscoe 3:42
Gone From the Ghetto Kurupt feat. Roscoe 3:05
Got Swag Roscoe 4:03
Hate on Me Kurupt feat. Roscoe & Kokane 4:24
Head to Toe Roscoe 3:51
Head to Toe Roscoe feat. Sleepy Brown 4:13
Head to Toe (feat. Sleepy Brown) Roscoe 4:14
Hood in Ya Life Roscoe feat. Kurupt 4:19
Hrd 2 Be Me Roscoe feat. Blaqthoven 3:29
Hunnit Thousand Scoe 2:55
Hustle Hard In Town C-Bo, Spice 1 & Yukmouth feat. Roscoe 4:30
I Be Ova There Roscoe feat. Yung Joc 3:01
I Call Shots Kurupt feat. Roscoe 4:23
I Call Shotz Roscoe 3:47

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