Linda Spa

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member of:Tangerine Dream (from 1991 until 2014)
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Death of a Nightingalesoprano saxophoneTangerine Dream5:34
Haze of Famealto saxophoneTangerine Dream8:30
Haze of Famesoprano saxophoneTangerine Dream8:30
Jungle Journeysoprano saxophoneTangerine Dream6:36
Little Blonde in the Park of Attractionsalto saxophoneTangerine Dream6:57
Living in a Fountain Penalto saxophoneTangerine Dream7:00
Midwinter Nightsoprano saxophoneTangerine Dream4:40
Pictures at an Exhibitionsoprano saxophoneTangerine Dream3:00
Stratosfear 1995alto saxophoneTangerine Dream5:09
Turn of the TidessaxophoneTangerine Dream7:41
Tyranny of Beautycor anglais [English horn]Tangerine Dream6:35
220 Volt (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream9:02
Backstreet Hero (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream8:49
Dreamtime (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream3:48
Hamlet (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream8:30
Homeless (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream9:52
Oriental Haze (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream6:52
Purple Haze (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream3:35
Sally’s GardenTangerine Dream4:33
Sundance Kid (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream8:04
The Blue Bridge (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream4:47
Treasure of Innocence (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream3:41
Two Bunch Palms (live, 1992: USA)Tangerine Dream5:48
instruments arranged
Turn of the TideshornTangerine Dream
Turn of the TidessaxophoneTangerine Dream
1990-02-20: Tangerine Tree Volume 49r: Berlin 1990Tangerine Dream
1990-11-01: Tangerine Tree Volume 90: Newcastle 1990Tangerine Dream
2005-07-08: Tangerine Leaves Volume 76: Berlin 2005Tangerine Dream
Broken Feather
Elf June and the Midnight Patrol
Industrial Romantics
Rise and Fall of Spazoo
Story of the Brave