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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All In The Game Of Life Frank Gambale feat. Boca 5:42
Be The Change Frank Gambale feat. Boca 5:50
Brazil Boca 0:56
Brazil (Cabana mix) Boca 7:04
Brazil (Copa mix) Boca 5:31
Brazil (Copa mix) Boca 7:02
Brazil (Copa mix) (part of “Velfarre Cyber Trance 07” DJ-mix) Boca 3:07
Brazil (Copa mix) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 19” DJ‐mix) Boca 2:44
Brazil (feat. Sandi Schumann) (Cabana mix) Boca 6:21
Enchanted Love Frank Gambale feat. Boca 5:41
Forbidden Kiss Frank Gambale feat. Boca 4:41
Keep Leadin' Me On Frank Gambale feat. Boca 4:53
La Bombanera Boca 5:59
Live Your Dream Frank Gambale feat. Boca 4:31
Love Set Me Free Frank Gambale feat. Boca 4:52
Miami Boca 5:54
Miami Boca 4:24
Miami Boca 6:00
Miami Boca 3:13
Miami Boca 3:54
Miami Boca 3:28
Miami Boca 3:17
Miami Boca 3:16
Miami Boca 3:19
Miami (2001-08-03: A State of Trance #8) Boca 4:07
Miami (South Beach edit) Boca 3:10
Miami (Biscayne edit) Boca 3:15
Miami (Biscayne edit) Boca 3:23
Miami (Biscayne mix) Boca 4:32
Miami (Biscayne mix) Boca 7:43
Miami (Miramar mix) Boca 6:05
Miami (Raton edit) Boca 3:19
Miami (Raton mix) Boca 7:03
Miami (South Beach edit) Boca 3:09
Miami (South Beach edit) Boca 3:17
Miami (South Beach mix) Boca 5:43
Miami (South Beach mix) Boca 7:22
Miami (South Beach mix) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 12” DJ‐mix) Boca 3:07
Open Your Mind Frank Gambale feat. Boca 3:51
Play With Me Boca 7:45
Play With Me Boca 7:45
Play With Me (Balls mix) Boca 6:59
Play With Me (Balls mix) (part of a “Cream: Future Trance Ibiza” DJ‐mix) Boca 4:25
Play With Me (Belle Fire mix) Boca 6:24
Play With Me (Bellfire mix) Boca 4:00
Play With Me (Bellfire mix) Boca 7:58
Play With Me (Bellfire mix) (part of “Godskitchen: Summer Trance” DJ-mix) Boca 6:52
Play With Me (Bellfire mix) (part of a “Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission” DJ‐mix) Boca 6:33
Play With Me (Bellfire mix) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 16” DJ‐mix) Boca 3:27
Play With Me (Bellfire Mix) Boca 3:02
Play With Me (Bellfire remix) (part of “DJ Cor Fijneman: Outstanding” DJ-mix) Boca 4:00
Saved Me From Myself Frank Gambale feat. Boca 5:00
Sun Will Shine Frank Gambale feat. Boca 4:17
Toca Boca 3:07
Toca (Bocacabana cut) Boca 3:59
Toca (Bocacabana mix) Boca 1:50
Toca (Bocacabana mx) Boca 6:25
Toca (Favella mix) Boca 6:25

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