Sirocco (Australian group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Anemurium Necropolis Sirocco 3:23
Billabong Sirocco 3:19
Carnivale Sirocco 4:54
City to City: Anemurium Necropolis Sirocco 3:23
City to City: Carnivale Sirocco 4:55
City to City: Zorla Sirocco 4:24
Desert: Shadows Sirocco 3:59
Desert: Sunrise Sirocco 2:01
Destination Solarstone vs. Sirocco ?:??
Destination (part of a “Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission 02” DJ‐mix) Sirocco 7:51
Destination (part of a “Nyana” DJ‐mix) Solarstone vs. Sirocco 5:14
Destination (part of the “AnthologyOne” DJ‐mix) Solarstone vs. Sirocco 4:28
Destination (Mike Saint-Jules remix) Solarstone vs. Sirocco 7:31
Destination (original mix) Solarstone vs. Sirocco 11:12
Destination (Update Project Ambient mix) Solarstone vs. Sirocco 6:36
Eagle Sirocco 6:33
Fanfare/Dance to the Moon & Paddy's Leather Breeches Sirocco 6:38
Foothills Sirocco 2:34
Garden Of Rivers: a) Improvisation Sirocco 3:08
Garden Of Rivers: b) Prelude Sirocco 1:34
Garden Of Rivers: c) Air Sirocco 2:35
Garden Of Rivers: d) Dance I and II Sirocco 2:29
Hag with the Money Sirocco 5:52
Ibis Suite: a) Golden Afternoon Light Sirocco 3:54
Ibis Suite: b) Dying Of Light Sirocco 2:47
Ibis Suite: c) Nesting Sirocco 3:48
III - Fashion Sirocco 1:05
Ikarus Sirocco 3:50
Janoska Sirocco 6:33
Lord Of The Marsh Sirocco 1:18
Marsh Harrier Sirocco 4:07
Mist Sirocco 4:37
Mountain Sirocco 4:02
Mountain: Foothills Sirocco 2:34
Mountain: Mountain Sirocco 4:02
Mountain: Processional Sirocco 2:53
Mountain: Vigil Sirocco 5:36
Pacific Dawn Sirocco 2:36
Port of Call: Pacific Dawn Sirocco 2:37
Port of Call: Tall Ships - Arrival Sirocco 3:38
Port of Call: Tall Ships - Departure Sirocco 2:01
Port of Call: The Storm Sirocco 3:01
Port of Call: Wind and Water Sirocco 2:13
Processional Sirocco 2:52
Shadows Sirocco 3:58
Storm Leaving Sirocco 5:20
Sunrise Sirocco 2:00
Tall Ships - Arrival Sirocco 3:37
Tall Ships - Departure Sirocco 2:00
The Silk Road Sirocco 16:02
The Storm Sirocco 3:01
Turbulence Sirocco 4:58
Vigil Sirocco 5:36
Wakeup Call Sirocco 0:55
Water Theme Sirocco 2:37
Weary Maid/Dance to Your Shadow Sirocco 5:03
Wetlands Sirocco 4:23
Wetlands Acoustic Sirocco 3:08
Wetlands Reprise Sirocco 0:53
Wind and Water Sirocco 2:13
Zorla Sirocco 4:23

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