Monarch! (French drone/doom)

~ Group



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Black Becomes the Sun Monarch! 19:09
Blood Seeress Monarch! 12:35
Cadaverine Monarch! 17:48
Daggvrs Monarch 10:11
Dead Men Tell No Tales Monarch! 14:08
Dead Men Tell No Tales (spoken version) Monarch! 11:29
Diamant Noir Monarch! 9:05
Les "Lumieres" Have Been Blown Out Monarch! 35:14
Lilith Monarch! 19:59
Louves Monarch! 10:14
Mer Morte Monarch! 34:36
Mortes Monarch! 18:32
Of Night, With Knives Monarch! 15:03
Pentagrammes Monarch! 17:15
Rapture Monarch! 16:27
Sabbat Noir Monarch! 29:00
Sabbat Noir, Part 1 Monarch! 14:12
Sabbat Noir, Part 2 Monarch! 14:33
Somewhere Below the Devil Is Laughing Monarch! 36:37
Song to the Void Monarch! 5:45
Sortilège Monarch! 11:03
Speak of the Devil, Speak of the Sea Monarch! 18:01
Swan Song Monarch! 19:29
Transylvanian Incantations Monarch! 3:39
We Are the Musicmakers Monarch! 20:41
We Are the Musicmakers (long version) Monarch! 26:04
Winter Song Monarch! 19:28

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