Dr. Feelgood (British group)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Baby Jane (live) ?:??
Baby Jane (video) ?:??
Down at the Doctors (Top of the Pops) ?:??
Down at the Doctors (video) ?:??
Homework (live) ?:??
Interview With Guitarist John 'Gypie' Mayo ?:??
Interview With Producer Richard Gottehrer ?:??
Java Blue (Alright Now: Tyne Tees TV) ?:??
Lights Out (live) ?:??
Lights Out (Top of the Pops) ?:??
Looking Back (live) ?:??
Lucky Seven (live) ?:??
Milk and Alcohol (Top of the Pops) ?:??
Milk and Alcohol (Top of the Pops) ?:??
Milk and Alcohol (video) ?:??
No Mo Do Yakamo (video) ?:??
Pretty Face (Alright Now: Tyne Tees TV) ?:??
She's a Windup (live) ?:??
She's a Windup (Top of the Pops) ?:??
She's a Windup (video) ?:??
Stupidity (live) ?:??
That's It, I Quit (live) ?:??
The Blues Had a Baby (And They Named It Rock 'n' Roll) (live) ?:??
The South Bank Show ?:??
Violent Love (video) ?:??
You Upset Me Baby (live) ?:??
You'll Be Mine (live) ?:??

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