Ed Starink (keyboardist, songwriter & producer)

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His cover versions albums were published under numerous names. (...) and "1492 Conquest of Paradise - Music of Vangelis" by "Space 2000", better known as "Conquest of Paradise 2000". The quite misleadingly marketed "Space 2000" album probably caused more misunderstandings about the origin of its recordings than any other cover album did before.
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It's the current consensus of MusicBrainz editors (see, for example edit: #62229985) that when Starink interprets classical works, they should be entered into MusicBrainz following the Classical Guidelines, that is the Track artist should be the composer and not Starink. Please follow this convention, and if you disagree, come and talk about it with the community, don't just change it.

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Legal name: Eduward A.J. Starink



1983SynsationStar Inc.3
1985Inner SpiritsStar Inc.3
1987Synthesizer SpectacularStar Inc.1
1988Endless Love: 36 Romantic Love SongsThe London Studio Orchestra1
1991RetrospectionEd Starink1
1993The Synthfony AlbumEd Starink1
1993Le Monde musical de VangelisSynthétiseur Orchestra2
1993Le Monde Musical de Ennio MorriconeSynthétiseur Orchestra1
1993Only LoveLouis van Dijk & The London Studio Orchestra1
1993The Tao of Love: Romantic PanflutePeter Weekers & Star Inc.1
1996Modern Synthesizer HitsStar Inc.1
1997Dream AgeStar Inc.1
1998Christmas SeasonsThe London Studio Symphony Orchestra1
1998Synthesizer SeasonsEd Starink2
Crystalline: Space and Synthesizer ThemesEd Starink11

Album + Compilation

198518 Famous Film & TV ThemesHollywood Studio Orchestra1
1985James Bond Film Themes: A Digital Synsation by Star Inc.Star Inc.2
1986Back to the Future: 18 Science Fiction Film ThemesLondon Starlight Orchestra1
198820 Beatles Greatest HitsLondon Starlight Orchestra1
1988Synthesizer Spectacular, Volume 2Star Inc.1
1988The Most Spectacular Synthesizer HitsStar Inc.1
198916 Famous Synthesizer HitsStar Inc.2
198916 Famous TV ThemesLondon Starlight Orchestra1
1989Ravel's Bolero and 21 More Spectacular ClassicsStar Inc.2
1989Synthétiseur 2 : Les plus grands thèmesEd Starink4
1989Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 2Ed Starink5
1989Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 1Ed Starink11
1989Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 3Ed Starink6
1989The Eve of the War: 16 Spectacular Synthetizer HitsStar Inc.1
1989World of Film - The Western ThemesThe London Studio Orchestra1
1989World of Film: The Action ThemesThe London Studio Orchestra1
199020 Magic Synthesizer Themes, Volume 1The London Studio Orchestra21
1990Greatest Synthesizer HitsStar Inc.1
1990Music From Outer SpaceStar Inc.2.51
1990Synthétiseur 3 : Les plus grands thèmesEd Starink2
1990Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 4Ed Starink3
1990Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 5Ed Starink2
1990Synthesizer Spectacular, Volume 3Star Inc.1
1990Synthétiseur 5 : Les plus grands thèmes classiquesEd Starink1
1990Synthétiseur 4 : Les plus grands thèmesEd Starink1
1990Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 5: The Final EpisodeEd Starink1
1991Oxygène: The Magic of Jean-Michel JarreStar Inc.1
1991Synthesizer Greatest - Classical Masterpieces 2Ed Starink1
1991Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 6Ed Starink2
1991Synthétiseur 6 : Les plus grands thèmes classiquesEd Starink1
1991Synthétiseur 7 : Les plus grands thèmesEd Starink1
1991Sequences Synthesizer: The Film ThemesAndromeda Project2
1991The James Bond ThemesAndromeda Project2
1991Twilight: The Magic of VangelisStar Inc.1
1991The TV ThemesAndromeda Project2
1992Synthesizer Greatest GoldStar Inc.1
1992Synthétiseur 8 : Les plus grands thèmesEd Starink1
1992Synthesizer GoldEd Starink1
1993Synthesizer Greatest, Volume 7Ed Starink1
1993Synthétiseur 10 : Les plus grands thèmes du cinémaEd Starink1
1993Synthétiseur 9 : Les plus grands thèmesEd Starink2
1993The Musical World of Ennio MorriconeStarink1
1994Synthétiseur 11 : Les plus grands thèmesEd Starink2
1994Synthétiseur GoldEd Starink1
1994The Ennio Morricone SongbookThe London Starlight Orchestra1
1994The Oscar AlbumEd Starink1
19951492 Conquest of Paradise: The Music of VangelisSpace 20001
1995Synthesizer Greatest GoldEd Starink1
1995Synthesizer Greatest: The MoviethemesEd Starink2
1996Méga synthétiseur : les 100 plus grands thèmesEd Starink1
1996Synthesizer Top 100Ed Starink1
1996Synthétiseur 12Ed Starink1
1997SynthesizerThe New Star Orchestra1
1998Synthesizer Greatest: The Trance EditionEd Starink1
1998Synthesizer 2000Ed Starink1
2000Chariots of Fire: The Music of VangelisSpace 20001
2003SynthétiseurEd Starink1
20 Magic Synthesizer Themes, Volume 2The London Studio Symphony Orchestra32
22 Famous Western Film ThemesLondon Starlight Orchestra1
Panflute Christmas (20 Christmas Melodies)Ed Starink0
Space ThemesLondon Starlight Orchestra1
The Music of VangelisSpace 20001


1990Synthesizer Greatest, the Future MixStar Inc.1

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