Shaggy (Jamaican-American reggae singer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"Hebt das Tanzbein!" (soul mix) Stefan Raab feat. Shaggy 4:02
2-Way Rayvon featuring Shaggy, Ricardo “Rik Rok” Ducent, Brian & Tony Gold 3:38
2-Way (Big League mix) Rayvon feat. Shaggy, Ricardo “Rik Rok” Ducent & Brian & Tony Gold 3:25
2-Way (radio edit) Rayvon feat. Shaggy, Ricardo “Rik Rok” Ducent & Brian & Tony Gold 2:56
16 Fathoms Sting & Shaggy 3:19
22nd Street Sting & Shaggy USUM71802332 4:00
44/876 Sting + Shaggy ft. Morgan Heritage and Aidonia USUM71802327 3:00
44/876 Interview Sting & Shaggy 13:11
56 Hope Road Sugar Ray feat. Shaggy 3:51
A Day in Hell Madstyle feat. Shaggy 5:09
A Lurve Thing With Mr Lover Lover! Shaggy 3:45
A Nuh You a Nuh Me Shaggy 3:32
Ah-E-A-Oh Shaggy feat. Sylva 4:06
Ahead in Life Shaggy 5 3:16
Alimony Shaggy 3:52
All About Love Shaggy USVPR0713602 3:37
All About Love Shaggy 3:49
All Through the Night (The Body Acoustic version) Cyndi Lauper feat. Shaggy USSM10505139 4:41
All Virgins Shaggy 3:11
All We Need Is Love The Big Yard Family feat. Shaggy 3:56
All We Need Is Love Shaggy 3:55
All We Need Is Love Shaggy feat. Konshens & Jimmy Cozier 3:22
All We Need Is Love (Christmas in the Yard) The Big Yard Family feat. Shaggy 3:58
Angel Shaggy feat. Rayvon USMC19989405 4.5 3:55
Angel Shaggy feat. Rayvon 3:33
Angel Shaggy feat. Rayvon 3:57
Angel (part of “The Ultimix Medley Collection, Volume 4” DJ-mix) Shaggy ?:??
Angel (Crash and Burn remix) Shaggy feat. Rayvon USMC10110870 5:33
Angel (Dancehall remix) Shaggy 3:54
Angel (instrumental) Shaggy 3:57
Angel (live) Shaggy feat. Rayvon 5:31
Angel (radio edit) Shaggy feat. Rayvon USMC10110848 3:32
Angel (remix) Shaggy feat. Rayvon 3:54
Angel (Seabreeze mix) Shaggy feat. Rayvon USMC10110363 6:18
Angel (Seabreeze mix) Shaggy feat. Rayvon USMC10110363 3:46
Anything for Love (Cobra Starship mix) Cobra Starship feat. Shaggy 4:02
As You Walked Away Maxi Priest feat. Shaggy 4:42
Back in the Days Shaggy featuring Rayvon 4 4:00
Báilame Alex Sensation, Yandel & Shaggy 3:54
Bam Bam Toots & The Maytals feat. Shaggy & Rahzel USVT10400035 3:46
Bedroom Bounty Hunter Shaggy 4:00
Believer Shaggy 3:27
Big Up Shaggy & Rayvon 1:44
Big Up Shaggy feat. Rayvon 3:27
Big Up Rayvon feat. Shaggy 2:55
Big Up Shaggy & Rayvon 1:39
Big Up (Hip Hop remix) Shaggy & Rayvon 3:29
Big Up (Original Mix) Shaggy / Rayvon ?:??
Bixteen Bar Hussein Fatal feat. Shaggy, Shadow, B-Greaze & AK 4:12
Black and White Kylie + Garibay feat. Shaggy GBAYE1500914 3:37
Body a Shake Shaggy USVPR0713599 3:17
Bonafide Girl Shaggy feat. Rik Rok & Tony Gold USVPR0713585 3:37
Bonafide Girl Shaggy feat. Rik Rok & Tony Gold USVPR0713585 3:50
Bonafide Girl Shaggy feat. Ricardo “Rik Rok” Ducent & Tony Gold 3:49
Boom Boom!!! Shaggy 3:37
Boombastic Shaggy GBAAA9500003
4 4:08
Boombastic DJ Quicksilver feat. Shaggy 3:30
Boombastic Shaggy 3:37
Boombastic Shaggy 4:18
Boombastic Shaggy 3:10
Boombastic DJ Quicksilver meets Shaggy 4:34
Boombastic Shaggy 1:46
Boombastic Shaggy GBAAA9500270 5 3:52
Boombastic Shaggy ?:??
Boombastic Shaggy ?:??
Boombastic Shaggy 4:07
Boombastic Shaggy 4:06
Boombastic Shaggy ?:??
Boombastic Shaggy 3:07
Boombastic Shaggy 3:53
Boombastic (Catwalk video edit) DJ Quicksilver meets Shaggy 3:46
Boombastic (part of “100% Summer Mix 97” DJ‐mix) Shaggy 3:28
Boombastic (part of “Dance Mix USA, 5” DJ-mix) Shaggy 4:03
Boombastic (part of “The Very Best of Pure Dancehall” DJ-mix) Shaggy 3:49
Boombastic (part of a “90’s Hitmix” DJ‐mix) Shaggy 2:35
Boombastic (part of a “MTV Party to Go, Volume 8” DJ‐mix) Shaggy 4:37
Boombastic (part of a “Ski Mix 28” DJ‐mix) Shaggy 2:38
Boombastic (7" original edit) Shaggy 3:57
Boombastic (Boom the Dancehall dub) Shaggy 6:06
Boombastic (Epic radio edit) DJ Quicksilver meets Shaggy 3:25
Boombastic (Firefox & 4-Tree Bassboom remix) Shaggy 6:37
Boombastic (Sting / Shaggy remix) Shaggy 4:19
Boombastic (Sting remix) Shaggy 4:21
Boombastic (Stonebridge mix) (part of “The Best Mix... Ever!” DJ-mix) Shaggy 3:47
Boombastic (Stonebridge vocal mix) Shaggy 5:59
Boombastic (Stonebridge vocal mix) (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix 96”) Shaggy 3:26
Boombastic (Stonebridge vocal remix edit) Shaggy 3:46
Boombastic (Stonebridge vocal remix) Shaggy 5:59
Boombastic (StoneBridge vocal remix) (edit) Shaggy 3:40
Boombastic (Wag Ya Tail remix) Shaggy 6:22
Boombastic / Good Life / Booty Mover Shaggy / [unknown] 0:49
Bow Wow Wow Shaggy 3:41
Bridges Shaggy feat. Chronixx 3:40
Brikk City Hussein Fatal feat. Kilo, Shadow & Shaggy ?:??
Broadway Shaggy 3 2:35
Bullet-Proof Buddy Shaggy 3:28
Can't Fight This Feeling Shaggy 3:26
Can't Take My Flava Shaggy 3:01
Can’t Fight This Feeling Shaggy 3:21
Can’t Hold Me Shaggy USVPR0713591 2:37

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