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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Room of Prayers Swede:art feat. Caits Meissner 4:00
A Room of Prayers (Edizione Crumar remix) Swede:art 6:39
Alpenglow TOKiMONSTA, Lunice & Swede:art 3:02
Analogue Frequencies Mixtape Swede:art ?:??
Black Mining Swede:art 3:36
Change Swede:art 3:05
Coffee Anthem Swede:art ?:??
Don't Leave Me Alone Swede:art ?:??
Embrace the Chill Swede:art feat. Pursuit Grooves & Comfort Fit 3:09
Embrace the Chill (Matt Flores remix) Swede:art 7:00
Embrace the Chill (Waxolutionists remix) Swede:art 5:04
I'm a R.O.B.O.T. Swede:art feat. Blaktroniks 3:27
I'm a R.O.B.O.T. (TOKiMONSTA remix) Swede:art 3:33
King of Orleans Swede:art 2:14
Linguistics Swede:art feat. straY 3:47
Linguistics (B. Bravo remix) Swede:art 3:25
Linguistics (Ishfaq remix) Swede:art 5:38
Linguistics (Sam Irl remix) Swede:art 3:59
Mosambique Swede:art 4:34
Mosambique (Devonwho remix) Swede:art 2:55
Mosambique (Duktus remix) Swede:art 3:48
My Home Is Not Here Swede:art 4:01
My Home Is Not Here (Kidkanevil remix) Swede:art 4:13
My Home Is Not Here (Railster remix) Swede:art 3:00
On My Way Swede:art feat. Note & Duktus 3:31
Samklang Swede:art 2:14
Sex on the Airplane Swede:art 4:11
Sex on the Airplane (Andreas Saag dirty remix) Swede:Art 5:39
Sex on the Airplane (Andreas Saag remix) Swede:art 7:59
Shock Me Jacob Korn & Swede:art 4:01
Snapshots on a Sunday Night Swede:art 3:50
Stalactite Cave Swede:art ?:??
The Mohawke Swede:art ?:??
Underpurpled Swede:art 6:56
Underpurpled (Aroop Roy remix) Swede:art 6:03
Underpurpled (Dandario remix) Swede:art 3:53
Wonkybikez Swede:art 3:12
Wonkycarz Swede:art ?:??
You Live Forever Swede:art feat. Duktus 3:56

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