RaWaR (Psychedelic trance artist)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Fear of Death Various Artists Digital Media 10 Triplag (Psychedelic trance label) NWZ-BABA-TRIP [none]
Digital Decoder, Volume 1: Digital Underground Various Artists 2×Digital Media 11 + 9 Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records (Psychedelic trance label) SKITZOFREE002 [none]
More Than 160, Volume 2: De gustibus non disputandum est Various Artists 2×Digital Media 10 + 10 el Espanto Urbano Production (Psychedelic trance label) EEUCD004 [none]
Cortical Stimulus Various Artists Digital Media 11 Unwashed Records (Psychedelic trance label) [none] [none]
Freaks Blast Various Artists CD 9 Trance Karma Records TKRCD001
Kitab Al Azif: The Necronomicon Various Artists Digital Media 17 Babaganousha, Helicon Sound System (Greek psy-trance label), Psyence Records, Triplag (Psychedelic trance label) TRIP-HSS-BABA-PSYENCE [none]
Tales From the Darkpsyde Various Artists Digital Media 10 The Darkpsyde
Yuurei Tales Various Artists CD 11 Triplag (Psychedelic trance label) TPLGCD004 9366977746244
Out of Time Various Artists CD 10 2to6 Records (Psychedelic trance label) 2TO6CD001 5060147123180
Book of Spirits Various Artists CD 10 Insane Chaos Circuit Records ICCRCD001 5060147124026
Book of Spirits Various Artists Digital Media 10 Insane Chaos Circuit Records ICCR001
Nuclear Abduction Various Artists CD 10 Ultravision Records (Psychedelic trance label) UVRCD003 [none]
Chaos Universe Various Artists CD 10 Mind Expansion Music (Psychedelic trance label) MECD002 9366977746817
Weird Basslines Khaos Sektor CD 9 Rockdenashi Productionz ROCKDENACD004 8015352316787
Joker's Paradise Various Artists 2×Digital Media 8 + 8 Triptec Records (Psychedelic trance label from Austria) [none] [none]
Apocalyptic Ritual Various Artists CD 10 Akashik Record (Psychedelic trance label), Shaman Films Records shamfcd012 5060147125832
Mrityunjaya: 2011 Japan Tsunami Relief Various Artists CD 10 Manic Dragon (psychedelic trance label) MDREC-16 9366977747579
Shri Maharaj Goa Gil Digital Media 11 Avatar Records (Israeli psychedelic trance label) AVA066 7290105161109
Circus Obscuri Various Artists CD 9 Deviant Force Records (psytrance) DFRCD002 9366977747852
Psyculture Festival 3 Various Artists 2×Digital Media 9 + 9 Psyculture Festival (Psychedelic trance festival and label) [none] [none]
Odissi Various Artists Digital Media 20 HippyFlip Records (psytrance label from spain) [none] [none]
From Psycrowdelica With Love Various Artists Digital Media 32
Daily Dose Highko Digital Media 10
Daily Dose Highko CD 10 Noise Poison Records (Psychedelic trance label) NPCD012
Tales From a Lost Reality Various Artists Digital Media 9 Lost in Reality (Underground Psychedelic Music label based in Switzerland)
Olimpo ENiKO Digital Media 9
Defying Gravity Various Artists Digital Media 12 Post-Modern Music (Psy-Trance label) [none]

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