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member of: Da Ladies
member of (as Antonia Reed): Gang Starr Foundation (US hip hop collective) ( – ????)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
New Forms
Change to Come J. Flexx feat. Bahamadia, Con Funk Shun, Kool and the Gang & Tenkamenin 4:22
Chaos Reflection Eternal feat. Bahamadia 4:12
Chaos Reflection Eternal feat. Bahamadia ?:??
EXPO EXPO guest m‐flo feat. Towa Tei, Bahamadia & Chops 4:54
Following Goals Mathematik feat. Bahamadia 4:04
Gypsy Slang Hezekiah feat. Bahamadia 3:27
New Forms Roni Size / Reprazent feat. Bahamadia 7:00
New Forms Roni Size / Reprazent 7:44
Say Word Boogiemonsters feat. Bahamadia 4:31
So Fresh, So Clean (OS remix) OutKast feat. Bahamadia 3:46
Too Much Weight Princess Superstar feat. Bahamadia 7:23
Transcend King Britt feat. Bahamadia 3:40
When I Shine The Herbaliser feat. Bahamadia 3:57
When I Shine (album version) The Herbaliser feat. Bahamadia ?:??
1996 Push Up Ya Lighter lead vocals The Roots 4:36
B-Girl Session guest Chops feat. Bahamadia 3:20
Countdown guest Spacek feat. Bahamadia, Black Thought & Slum Village 5:16
Exertions (remix) guest Jedi Mind Tricks, Virtuoso, Esoteric & Bahamadia 3:15
Following Goals additional and guest Mathematik feat. Bahamadia 4:41
Good Girl Down guest and other vocals [rap] Morcheeba feat. Bahamadia 3:27
Happy 2000 Towa Tei 4:41
New Forms (Roni Size Downtempo version) Roni Size / Reprazent 7:48
Respect the Architect guest Guru 4:51
Push Up Ya Lighter Antonia Reed