Pleasure (Portland US funk/soul group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2 for 1 Pleasure USFI87600024 4:22
All the Way Pleasure 4:01
All the Way Pleasure 4:13
Beginnings Pleasure 1:08
Beginnings (instrumental) Pleasure 1:06
Bouncy Lady Pleasure USFI87500099 3:57
Bouncy Lady Pleasure 4 3:51
Bouncy Lady Pleasure 3:56
Bouncy Lady Pleasure ?:??
Bouncy Lady (part of “Paul Nice: Soul On The Grill” DJ-mix) Pleasure 1:37
Bouncy Lady (remix) Pleasure 3:56
Can't Turn You Loose Pleasure 4:14
Carolyn Pleasure 1:17
Carolyn (instrumental) Pleasure 1:14
Celebrate the Good Things Pleasure 3:24
Celebrate the Good Things Pleasure 3:30
Celebrate the Good Things (part of “The Power of the LP” DJ-mix) Pleasure 0:46
Dance to the Music Pleasure USFI87700073 4:49
Dedication to the Past Pleasure 0:35
Departure Pleasure 0:44
Dust Yourself Off Pleasure USFI87500093 3:52
Farewell, Goodbye Pleasure 4:55
Foxy Lady Pleasure USFI87800467 3:31
Future Now Pleasure USFI87900015 5:34
Get to the Feeling Pleasure USFI87800470 4:23
Ghettos of the Mind Pleasure USFI87600021 5:08
Ghettos of the Mind (part of “James Pants: The Electric Finger” DJ-mix) Pleasure ?:??
Give It Up Pleasure 4:54
Give It Up Pleasure 5:05
Glide Pleasure 7:00
Glide Pleasure 6:22
Glide Pleasure 7:00
Glide (7" single) Pleasure 3:46
Glide (original mix) Pleasure USFI87900022 6:29
Glide (part of “Jazzie B: Masterpiece” DJ-mix) Pleasure 6:04
Glide (part of “The Block Party, Volume 1” DJ-mix) Pleasure ?:??
Glide (rap) Pleasure USFI89200365 4:24
Glide (remix) Pleasure USFI89200366 6:28
Happiness Pleasure 3:47
Hard Times MC Hammer feat. The Stooge Playas, Ivan & Pleasure ?:??
I Used to Love Her MC Hammer feat. Pleasure ?:??
I'm Mad Pleasure USFI87600017 3:09
It's So Hard Pleasure 5:03
It's So Hard Pleasure 5:07
Jammin' With Pleasure Pleasure USFI87600020 2:28
Jammin' With Pleasure (part of “4 Hero: Life:Styles” DJ-mix) Pleasure 2:19
Joyous Pleasure USFI87700067 6:29
Joyous Pleasure 6:24
Joyous (DJ Harvey edit) Pleasure 10:03
Joyous (Harvey Re-edit) Pleasure 10:05
Ladies Night Out Pleasure 4:38
Law of the Raw Pleasure 1:05
Let Me Be the One Pleasure 5:11
Let's Dance Pleasure USFI87600016 5:01
Let's Dance Pleasure 5:03
Let’s Dance Pleasure remixed by The Reflex 6:37
Living Without You Pleasure 4:30
Midnight at the Oasis Pleasure USFI87500096 3:26
Music Is My Life Pleasure USFI87500097 4:13
My Love Pleasure USFI87500095 4:03
No Matter What Pleasure 4:54
No Matter What Pleasure 4:43
Nothin’ to It Pleasure 4:07
Now You Choose Me Pleasure 4:56
Only You Pleasure 3:20
Plastic People Pleasure USFI87500098 4:00
Pleasure for Your Pleasure Pleasure USFI87600018 3:40
Reality Pleasure USFI87500094 5:03
Sassafras Girl Pleasure USFI87700071 6:50
Sassy Baby Pleasure 5:12
Sassy Baby Pleasure 5:16
Selim Pleasure 3:47
Sending My Love Pleasure 5:26
Sending My Love (instrumental) Pleasure 5:26
Sensitivity Pleasure 2:48
Sing Sing / Heartbeat / Bouncy Lady Gaz / Taana Gardner / Pleasure 1:43
Space Is the Place Pleasure 4:10
Special Things Pleasure 4:37
Spread That Feelin' (All Around) Pleasure 4:21
Stone Love Pleasure 3:07
Stone Love (instrumental) Pleasure 3:01
Straight Ahead Pleasure USFI87500101 5:35
Straight Ahead (Kyoto Jazz Massive remix) Pleasure 7:31
Strong Love Pleasure 4:42
Take a Chance Pleasure USFI88000371 6:39
Take a Chance (part of “Louie Vega: Choice” DJ-mix) Pleasure 6:01
Take It to the Streets Pleasure 4:08
Take It to the Streets Pleasure 4:22
Thanks for Everything Pleasure 4:23
The Love of My Life Pleasure USFI87600022 4:05
The Real Thing Pleasure USFI87900019 5:40
Theme for the Moonchild Pleasure USFI87600023 5:24
Thoughts of Old Flames Pleasure 4:11
Thoughts of Old Flames (part of “Strange Games and Funky Things III” DJ-mix) Pleasure 1:56
Tune In Pleasure 6:36
Universal Pleasure 3:15
We Have So Much Pleasure USFI87600019 3:29
What Is Slick Pleasure USFI87500100 5:11
What's It Gonna Be Pleasure 4:40
What's It Gonna Be Pleasure 4:47

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