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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Conquer the World (original mix) 8:09
Remember The Night (Hemstock & Jennings remix) 5:45
Remember This Night (part of a “Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission 02” DJ‐mix) 5:18
Remember This Night (chill out mix) (part of a “Angels: Chill Trance Essentials 2” DJ‐mix) 6:59
Remember This Night (Chill Out mix) 5:50
Remember This Night (chillout mix) (part of a “Ambient Chillout Mix 4: Winter 2005” DJ‐mix) ?:??
Remember This Night (Chillout mix) 8:31
Remember This Night (Hemstock + Jennings remix) 7:30
Remember This Night (original mix) 6:53
Rococco 5:57
Rococco 7:50
Rococco 5:57
Rococco 6:19
Rococco 5:16
Rococco 4:16
Rococco 5:32
Rococco 4:55
Rococco (part of “Surviving the Chills” DJ-mix) 4:38
Rococco (part of a “Cream: Future Trance Ibiza” DJ‐mix) 3:43
Rococco (part of a “Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission” DJ‐mix) 5:04
Rococco (Chill Out mix) 7:03
Rococco (Chilled mix) 5:58
Rococco (Fire & Ice remix) ?:??
Rococco (original mix) ?:??
Rococco (original mix) (part of a “ID&T Trance 2003, Volume 1” DJ‐mix) 5:57

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