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Celldweller.com (official website)
Management run MySpace page, with blogs given once a month by Klayton

Celldweller is Klayton's current pet project and mood of expression to try and exercise his creativity, as well as those darker things few should experience. This creates a wonderful, energetic, and dark spectrum of flavors mixing throughout his music, on a single release you can experience bass beating, strong rhythmic pulses of drums, enchanting masculine vocals, ethereal feminine tones, and no single genre can truly peg Klayton. He explores, experiences and feels his music as he creates it. This is a group you can put in your cd player and not grow tired of it for an indefinite amount of time.

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Legal name: Scott Albert

Also performs as: FreqGen, Klayton



2005Frozen-Goodbye (Remixes)Celldweller2


2008Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head, Volume 01Celldweller42
2009Wish Upon a Blackstar, Chapter 01Celldweller2
2009Wish Upon a Blackstar, Chapter 02Celldweller2
2010Wish Upon a Blackstar, Chapter 03Celldweller2
2011Wish Upon a Blackstar, Chapter 04Celldweller2
2012Wish Upon a BlackstarCelldweller54
2012Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head, Volume 02Celldweller2
2014End of an Empire, Chapter 01: TimeCelldweller2
2014End of an Empire, Chapter 02: LoveCelldweller2
2014Transmissions: Vol. 01Celldweller2
2015End of an Empire, Chapter 03: DreamsCelldweller2
2015Transmissions: Vol. 02Celldweller2
2015End of an Empire, Chapter 04: DeathCelldweller2
2015End of an EmpireCelldweller57
2016Transmissions: Vol. 03Celldweller2
2016Soundtrack for the Voices In My Head, Volume 03Celldweller1
2017Transmissions: Vol. 04Celldweller2
2017Terraform Drums Vol. 01Celldweller1
2017Offworld (Instrumentals)Celldweller41
2017Debut Remixes Vol. 01Celldweller1
2018Debut Remixes Vol. 02Celldweller1
2018Red ZoneKlayton1
2018Remixed Upon a BlackstarCelldweller32

Album + Compilation

2003The Beta CessionsCelldweller2
2017Beta Cessions: Demos & RaritiesCelldweller1

Album + Soundtrack

2013Blackstar Act One: PurifiedCelldweller2
2014Blackstar Act Two: AwakeningCelldweller1
2015Blackstar: Original ScoreCelldweller3
2016Killer Instinct Season 3Celldweller & Atlas Plug1
2017Killer Instinct: The Complete SoundtrackMick Gordon, Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate, Celldweller & Atlas Plug1

Album + Live

2012Live Upon a BlackstarCelldweller52

Album + Remix

2001Symbiont RemixesCelldweller2
2007Take It & Break It, Volume 1: Own Little World RemixesCelldweller3
2007Take It & Break It, Volume 2: Frozen RemixesCelldweller2
2008Take It & Break It, Volume 3: Switchback RemixesCelldweller2
2009Afraid This Time (FiXT remix)Celldweller3
2009The Last Firstborn RemixesCelldweller2
2009Fadeaway RemixesCelldweller2
2009Welcome to the End: Remixes (FiXT remix)Celldweller3
2009FiXT Remix 2009 Compilation, Volume 01Celldweller1
2011The Complete Cellout, Volume 01Celldweller2
2011Eon RemixesCelldweller1
2011Louder Than Words RemixesCelldweller1
2011So Long Sentiment RemixesCelldweller1
2012I Can't Wait RemixesCelldweller1
2012The Best It's Gonna Get RemixesCelldweller1
2013The Complete Cellout, Volume 01 InstrumentalsCelldweller51
2015End of an Empire: The RemixesCelldweller42
2015End of an Empire: The Remixes (Instrumentals)Celldweller1
2018Wish Upon A Blackstar (Remix Contest Compilation)Celldweller1

Album + Demo

2021Demo VaultCelldweller1
2021Demo Vault: WastelandCelldweller1


2012Tough GuyCelldweller2
2017We Will Never Die (Ambersonic Rmx)Celldweller1
2017Electric EyeCelldweller51
2017The Great DivideCelldweller1
2018Ride of the ValkyriesKlayton & Tom Salta1
2018Switchback (SayMaxWell remix)Celldweller1
2019My DisintegrationCelldweller51
2019A Matter of TimeCelldweller51
2019Into the VoidCelldweller51
2020Baptized in FireCelldweller1

Single + Remix

2007Halloween ThemeCelldweller1
2009Shapeshifter (Klayton Revision)Celldweller feat. Styles of Beyond1
2012Cry Little Sister vs. Hello ZeppCelldweller52
2015The Imperial MarchCelldweller52
2016New Elysium (Celldweller VIP)Celldweller1
2017Electric Eye (Zardonic Remix)Celldweller51
2017Frozen (Red Devil Remix)Celldweller1
2017Own Little World (Drop remix)Celldweller1
2018The Great Divide (Matt Lange remix)Celldweller1
2018The Imperial March (Pegboard Nerds remix)Celldweller1
2018Purified (Sebastian Komor remix)Celldweller1
2018Last Night on Earth (Freqgen remix)Celldweller1
2018Louder Than Words (Neonlight remix)Celldweller1
2018I Can't Wait (The Qemists remix)Celldweller1
2018Birthright (Biometrix remix)Celldweller1
2018Unshakeable (Formal One remix)Celldweller1
2018So Long Sentiment (Raizer Remix)Celldweller1
2019My Disintegration (Joe Ford Remix)Celldweller1
2019A Matter of Time (The Browning Remix)Celldweller1
2020Into the Void (SWARM Remix)Celldweller1
2020My Disintegration (Becko Remix)Celldweller1
2020Into The Void (Sebastian Komor Remix)Celldweller1
2020Into The Void (Formal One Remix)Celldweller1
Disposable War Pigs (Celldweller klash-up)Celldweller1

Single + Demo



2000Limited Edition EPCelldweller2
2006Celldweller Remix EP (Switchback / Own Little World)Celldweller1
2010Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head, Volume 02: Chapter 01Celldweller2
2011Cellout EP 01Celldweller43
2011Groupees Unreleased EPCelldweller1
2012Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head, Volume 02: Chapter 02Celldweller1

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