Barbara Lynn

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
(Daddy Hot Stuff) You're Too Hot to Hold 2:15
(Daddy Hotstuff) You're too Hot to Hold 2:14
(I Cried at) Laura's Wedding ?:??
(I Cried at) Laura’s Wedding 2:34
(Until Then) I'll Suffer 2:55
(Until Then) I'll Suffer 3:38
(Until Then) I'll Suffer ?:??
(Until Then) I'll Suffer 3:02
(Until Then) I’ll Suffer 3:05
All I Need Is Your Love ?:??
Call My Bluff Baby 2:13
Can I Change My Mind 3:57
Can't Buy My Love ?:??
Careless Hands ?:??
Club a Go-Go 1:49
Club a Go-Go 1:54
Club A-Go-Go 1:45
Daddy Hot Stuff 2:19
Dedicate the Blues to Me 2:17
Dedicate the Blues to Me ?:??
Dina & Patrina (Stereo) 2:03
Dina and Patrina ?:??
Dina and Petrina 2:01
Disco Music 3:25
Disco Music 3:32
Don't Be Cruel ?:??
Don't Hit Me No More 3:32
Don't Rush Me ?:??
Everybody Loves Somebody ?:??
Forever 3:03
Give Him His Freedom 2:50
Give Me a Break 2:21
Give Me a Break ?:??
Good Woman 0:54
He Ain't Gonna Do Right 2:56
He Ain't Gonna Do Right 2:53
He Ain’t Gonna Do Right 2:54
Hear From My Daddy 4:58
Heartbreaking Years 2:19
Heartbreaking Years ?:??
Hot Night Tonight 4:46
How You Think I Can Live With Somebody (After What I've Been Used to) 2:17
I Don't Want a Playboy 1:52
I Don't Want a Playboy 2:04
I Don’t Want a Playboy 1:53
I Don’t Want to Be a Playboy 3:13
I Got Love If You Want 4:29
I Let a Good Man Go 4:44
I Like the Way You Love Me 2:56
I Love to Make Love 5:03
I Love You Babe (1994) ?:??
I Warned You Baby 1:58
I'd Rather Go Blind 3:30
I'll Suffer 3:04
I'll Suffer 3:03
I'm a Good Woman 2:21
I'm a Good Woman 2:24
I'm a Good Woman 3:16
I'm a Good Woman 2:20
I'm a Good Woman 2:09
I'm a Good Woman 2:20
I'm a Good Woman 2:18
I'm a Good Woman ?:??
I'm a Good Woman 4:28
I'm a Good Woman (part of “Kenny Dope: Soul Trippin’” DJ-mix) 2:16
I'm a Good Woman (alternate take) 2:24
I'm a One Man Woman ?:??
I'm A One Man Woman 2:32
I'm Not Doing Nothing Wrong 4:34
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 2:32
I’m a Good Woman 2:22
I’m a Good Woman 2:22
I’m a Good Woman 2:21
I’m a Good Woman 2:23
I’m a Good Woman 1:50
I’m a Good Woman 2:21
I’m Sorry I Met You 2:29
It Ain't Good To Be Too Good 2:40
It Ain't No Good to Be Good 2:36
It Won't Be Long 2:31
It's Been So Long 4:02
It's Never Too Late ?:??
It’s Better to Have It 2:56
Let's Stay Together 3:26
Letter to Mommy and Daddy 2:31
Letter Top Mommy and Daddy ?:??
Lonely Heartache ?:??
Lonely Heartaches 1:59
Lonely Heartaches 2:15
Long Gone 4:33
Love Ain't Never Hurt Nobody 2:33
Lynn's Blues 5:04
Lynn's Blues 5:17
Matt's Hatt 3:56
Maybe We Can Slip Away 2:15
Maybe We Can Slip Away 2:12
Mix It Up Baby 1:55
Money 4:27
Movin' on a Groove 3:16
Movin' on a Groove 4:29

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