CoMa (American vocalist Nicole Marie)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Alone CoMa 4:41
Apathy Mr FijiWiji feat. CoMa 4:25
Archangel (acoustic) CoMa vs. Bustrexx 5:25
Beautiful Obsidia feat. CoMa 4:19
Beyond Reason Ghosts of Paraguay feat. CoMa 4:41
Can't Stop What Is Coming Sorrow & CoMa 2:48
Clocks ticking in my head Manu Shrine feat. CoMa 4:46
Cynical Mr FijiWiji feat. CoMa 6:29
Cynical (edit) Mr FijiWiji feat. CoMa 3:16
Dalliance Sorrow feat. CoMa 4:08
Deceptive Essáy & CoMa 6:15
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night CoMa 3:09
Downfall Sorrow & CoMa 5:57
Dreamstone Sorrow feat. CoMa 5:29
End Up Like This Dubba Jonny feat. CoMa 5:20
Fake Plastic Trees Stumbleine feat. CoMa 4:23
Falling Obsidia feat. CoMa 4:49
Glimmer TwoThirds feat. CoMa 6:41
Homeland CoMa 4:58
Imagine That CoMa & Owsey 7:44
In My Head Dubsidia feat. CoMa 4:31
Into Nowhere (original mix) Arkasia feat. CoMa 4:31
Just Say Bustrexx feat. CoMa 5:31
L'esprit Noir (The Spirit of Darkness) Varien feat. CoMa 3:07
Last Summer Song Sweetheart of Kairi & CoMa 4:44
Laying Awake IG88 feat. CoMa 2:08
Life in a Ferris Wheel Sun Glitters feat. CoMa 4:01
Machinehead Ghostek feat. CoMa 3:40
Masquerade Obsidia feat. CoMa 6:02
Mirrormask (Audeka Remix) Dabin feat. Koda & CoMa 5:13
Mirrormask (Original Mix) Dabin feat. Koda & CoMa 4:08
Nocturne Bulb & Cahb feat. CoMa 6:47
Noise CoMa 4:48
One Day Obsidia feat. CoMa 5:45
Right Where It Belongs (And All That Is in It) CoMa 5:07
Run Sun Glitters feat. CoMa 4:14
Sally's Song Sorrow & CoMa 2:35
Snake Eyes Feint feat. CoMa 4:24
Stay With Me CoMa & Owsey 5:25
Submerged Mr FijiWiji feat. CoMa 4:33
Supercool! Stephen Walking feat. CoMa 3:09
Tell Me Something Beautiful CoMa 3:25
The Beat My Heart Skips Stumbleine feat. CoMa 3:50
Time Haywyre feat. CoMa 5:31
Tourniquet Asa & Stumbleine feat. Shura & CoMa 3:56
Transitions Synthetic Epiphany & CoMa 4:56
Video Games CoMa 5:30
Watership Au5 feat. CoMa 3:12
What Do You Want From Me? CoMa 8:32
Where Do We Go? CoMa 5:25
Where Do We Go? Sizzlebird & CoMa 5:01
Where Do We Go? (EEMPE remix) CoMa 3:17
Where Do We Go? (Synthetic Epiphany remix) CoMa 4:19
Wouldn't It Be Good If It Could Stop? CoMa & Exist Strategy 3:56
Wouldn't It Be Good If It Was True? CoMa 3:27
Your Lover Coma 4:29

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