Mega Colossus (Formerly Colossus (2005 - 2016) - adventure metal from North Carolina, USA)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Year Later (There Is Still Meat Left in the Skull) Colossus 3:19
Bubba Zanetti Colossus 4:19
G.F. Nocturne Colossus 1:20
Ghostfucker Colossus 5:03
Hoc'Tel Colossus 4:37
Jihad, Jihad! Colossus 6:44
Kill More Better Colossus 3:44
Kolossus Colossus 4:48
Legends of the Future Colossus 2:04
Limit-Break Colossus 5:52
Nimh Colossus 4:28
One Was Man Colossus 5:12
Salamandastron Colossus 5:13
Stoneburner Colossus 4:53
Swords Against Death Colossus 6:43
The Coming Of The Destroyer Queen Colossus 5:03
The Last Stand Of Miles Teg Colossus 3:58
The Message Colossus 3:29
The Mountain That Rides Colossus 4:07
The Operative Colossus 4:51
Wendigo Colossus 6:14
Willow Colossus 10:59

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