Leon Parker

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member of: Giovanni Mirabassi Trio
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Above & Below Leon Parker
Above & Below
All My Life
Body Movement I
Body Movement II
Calling Out
Horizion Azul
Ray of Light
Village Song: Africa
Wide Open
1946-07-09 Ray's Idea baritone saxophone Dizzy Gillespie 2:20
1991-03-04 – 1991-03-05 Amico Mio membranophone Fabio Morgera Quintet 9:54
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30 Everything Happens to Me membranophone Dewey Redman 10:28
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30 For Mo membranophone Dewey Redman 13:26
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30 Imagination membranophone Dewey Redman 8:15
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30 Le Clit membranophone Dewey Redman 9:09
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30 O'Besso membranophone Dewey Redman 14:09
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 Ask Me Now membranophone Jesse Davis 5:30
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 Brother Roj membranophone Jesse Davis 7:26
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 East of the Sun membranophone Jesse Davis 5:34
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 Fine and Dandy membranophone Jesse Davis 4:32
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 Georgiana membranophone Jesse Davis 5:50
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 I Love Paris membranophone Jesse Davis 9:33
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 Little Flowers membranophone Jesse Davis 5:54
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 One for Cannon membranophone Jesse Davis 6:01
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 Tipsy membranophone Jesse Davis 7:27
1993-03-24 – 1993-03-25 Waltz for Andre membranophone Jesse Davis 7:02
1994-12-10 Belief membranophone Steve Wilson 8:30
1994-12-10 By the Window membranophone Steve Wilson 5:47
1994-12-10 Everything Must Change membranophone Steve Wilson 6:46
1994-12-10 Groovesome Twosome membranophone Steve Wilson 5:30
1994-12-10 Perdido membranophone Steve Wilson 7:58
1994-12-10 Up and Down membranophone Steve Wilson 4:50
1994-12-10 Wish You Were Here membranophone Steve Wilson 9:16
1994-12-10 Woody 'n' You membranophone Steve Wilson 6:11
1997-12-19 Inner Trust membranophone David Kikoski 7:03
1997-12-19 Mirical membranophone David Kikoski 5:40
1997-12-19 Old Folks membranophone David Kikoski 8:18
1997-12-19 Once Upon a Summertime membranophone David Kikoski 3:22
1997-12-19 Softly as in a Morning Sunrise membranophone David Kikoski 7:46
1997-12-19 Some Other Blues membranophone David Kikoski 7:13
1997-12-19 Two Lonely People membranophone David Kikoski 8:51
1997-12-19 We See membranophone David Kikoski 4:22
1997-12-19 Winnie's Garden membranophone David Kikoski 7:46
1997-12-19 You Don't Know What Love Is membranophone David Kikoski 8:18
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons membranophone Jacky Terrasson 6:00
A Ballad for a Doll cymbal James Carter 5:08
Above & Below percussion Leon Parker 2:38
Above & Below cymbal Leon Parker 2:38
Al Green membranophone Charlie Hunter 5:40
All My Life membranophone Leon Parker 5:10
B.B.B.B. cymbal Leon Parker 5:09
B.B.B.B. percussion Leon Parker 5:09
Baby Plum membranophone Jacky Terrasson 5:25
Belief drums (drum set) Leon Parker 5:53
Bemsha Swing membranophone Leon Parker 4:16
Bye Bye Blackbird membranophone Jacky Terrasson 5:22
Calling Out ashiko Leon Parker 4:58
Calling Out wood block Leon Parker 4:58
Calling Out frame drum Leon Parker 4:58
Calling Out bells Leon Parker 4:58
Caravan membranophone Leon Parker 4:45
Celebration percussion Leon Parker 5:20
Celebration cymbal Leon Parker 5:20
Close Your Eyes drums (drum set) Leon Parker 6:00
Cloud Splitter membranophone Charlie Hunter 4:01
Cumba's Dance membranophone Jacky Terrasson 1:36
Deep Throat Blues membranophone James Carter 6:08
Dersu (A Slight Return) membranophone Charlie Hunter 5:14
Epistrophy membranophone Leon Parker 6:44
Epistrophy percussion Charlie Hunter 3:41
Evy percussion Leon Parker 2:57
First Affair membranophone Jacky Terrasson 6:14
First Child shakers Leon Parker 2:46
Flau Flau triangle Charlie Hunter 5:57
For Once in My Life membranophone Jacky Terrasson 4:21
Happy Man membranophone Jacky Terrasson 8:51
He Goes on a Trip membranophone Jacky Terrasson 6:40
Hommage A Lili Boulanger membranophone Jacky Terrasson 3:03
Horizion Azul drums (drum set) [drumbek] Leon Parker 5:34
I Fall in Love Too Easily membranophone Jacky Terrasson 3:25
I Love Paris membranophone Jacky Terrasson 7:32
I Should Care membranophone Jacky Terrasson 5:37
In a Sentimental Mood congas [conga drum] Leon Parker 4:41
In a Sentimental Mood handclaps Leon Parker 4:41
It’s Only A Paper Moon membranophone Leon Parker 3:39
Just a Blues membranophone Jacky Terrasson 3:45
Just One of Those Things membranophone Jacky Terrasson 4:25
My Funny Valentine membranophone Jacky Terrasson 7:11
Nothin' but Trouble membranophone Charlie Hunter 6:34
Ray of Light cymbal Leon Parker 5:47
Ray of Light drums (drum set) Leon Parker 5:47
Reach / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes membranophone Jacky Terrasson 9:05
Rendezvous Avec la Vérité congas Charlie Hunter 6:38
Sketches of Dreams claves and membranophone David Sanchez 6:30
The Intimacy of My Woman's Beautiful Eyes membranophone James Carter 8:47
The Rat Race membranophone Jacky Terrasson 3:25
Time After Time membranophone Jacky Terrasson 6:47
Two for Bleu congas Charlie Hunter 5:39
Two for Bleu tom-tom [floor tom] Charlie Hunter 5:39
Village Song: Africa shakers Leon Parker 2:52
Village Song: Africa congas [conga drum] Leon Parker 2:52
What a Difference a Day Makes membranophone Jacky Terrasson 5:41
Wide Open bells Leon Parker 4:10
Wide Open shakers Leon Parker 4:10
Wide Open other instruments [ringing sounds] Leon Parker 4:10
You Don’t Know What Love Is cymbal Leon Parker 4:51
You Don’t Know What Love Is membranophone Leon Parker 4:51
You Never Told Me That You Care membranophone James Carter 6:42
Charlie Hunter membranophone and percussion Charlie Hunter
Consenting Adults membranophone M.T.B.
Dreamland cymbal and membranophone Madeleine Peyroux
Duo membranophone and percussion Charlie Hunter / Leon Parker
The Pursuit membranophone Fabio Morgera
Above & Below Leon Parker 2:38
B.B.B.B. Leon Parker 5:09
Calling Out Leon Parker 4:58
Ray of Light Leon Parker 5:47