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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Sofistifunk, Volume 2: Past Time Grooves for the Future Various Artists
Eden Ian O'Brien
Ascension of the Elect
I Was Here
Intelligent Desert
Les cordes sensibles
Mad Mike Disease
Midday Sunshine
Monkey Jazz
Secret Agent
See Ya There!
Eden guitar and synthesizer Ian O'Brien
Wuntoto (feat. Ian O'Brien) Domu 6:01
Ascension of the Elect Brother From Another Planet ?:??
Days to Come (Ian O'Brien mix) additional Jazzanova 10:01
I Was Here Ian O'Brien 7:24
Intelligent Desert Ian O'Brien 4:16
On (Ian O'Brien mix) additional Rei Harakami 6:24
Secret Agent Ian O'Brien 7:59
See Ya There! Ian O'Brien 5:14
Eden Ian O'Brien
Afternoon Stroll (Ian O'Brien mix) M&M Productions ?:??
Cube of the Blues (Ian O'Brien rework) Fusion 8:55
Days to Come (Ian O'Brien mix) Jazzanova 10:01
Electro-Kraut (Ian O'Brien's White-Boy Funk remix) Beanfield 9:22
Interzone (Ian O'Brien remix) Akasha 9:46
Lost Point (Claude Young & Ian O'Brien remix) Naughty & Tolis 7:37
Lost Point (Claude Young & Ian O'Brien remix) Naughty & Tolis 0:43
Mega Bit Me (Ian O'Brien mix) Offshore Funk 6:55
Naima (Ian O'Brien mix) Hipnotic 8:49
Naima (Ian O'Brien mix) Hipnotic feat. Neil Cowley ?:??
On (Ian O'Brien mix) Rei Harakami 6:27
On (Ian O'Brien mix) Rei Harakami 6:24
On (Ian O'Brien mix) Rei Harakami 6:25
Piano Black (Ian O'Brien mix) シートベルツ 6:47
Piano Black (Ian O'Brien remix) シートベルツ 6:51
Sons of the Desert (remixed by Ian O'Brien) Velocity Boy ?:??
The Line (Ian O’Brien’s Benfleet 3.30 mix) Lisa Stansfield ?:??
The Line (Ian O’Brien’s Desert Funk mix) Lisa Stansfield 8:37