Dar Williams

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The Honesty RoomDar WilliamsCD13
Razor & TieRT 2816793018281621
The Honesty RoomDar WilliamsCassette13
Razor & Tie
Mortal CityDar WilliamsCD11
Razor & TieRT 2821-2793018282123
The Christians and the PagansDar WilliamsCD3
Razor & TieRTS 718
End of the SummerDar WilliamsCD11
  • US1997-07-15
Razor & TieR2830-2793018283021
What Do You Hear in These SoundsDar Williams(unknown)6
The Green WorldDar WilliamsCD11
  • US2000-08-22
Razor & Tie7930182856-2793018285629
I Won't Be Your Yoko OnoDar WilliamsCD4
The Green WorldDar Williams(unknown)12
The Green WorldDar WilliamsCD12
Out There LiveDar WilliamsCD19
Razor & Tie7930182871-2793018287128
Dar WilliamsDar WilliamsCD4
Razor & TieRTS799-S
The Beauty of the RainDar WilliamsCD11
  • GB2003-02-17
Evangeline Records (Evangeline)GEL 40620805772406223
The Beauty of the RainDar WilliamsCD11
  • US2003-02-18
Razor & Tie7930182886-2793018288620
My Better Self (Barnes & Noble exclusive)Dar WilliamsCD14
  • US2005-09-13
Razor & Tie7930182944-2793018295024
My Better SelfDar WilliamsCD13
  • US2005-09-13
My Better Self (Borders exclusive)Dar WilliamsCD14
  • US2005-09-13
Comfortably NumbDar Williams feat. Ani DiFrancoCD2
Razor & Tie7930180862-2
Promised LandDar WilliamsCD12
  • US2008-09-09
Razor & Tie7930182996-2793018299626
It's AlrightDar WilliamsCD1
Razor & TieRTDJ947
Many Great CompanionsDar Williams2×CD12 + 20
  • US2010-10-12
Razor & Tie7930183112-2793018311229
In the Time of GodsDar WilliamsCD10
  • US2012-04-17
Razor & Tie79301-83320-2-6793018332026
Keeping Me Honest: The Honesty Room 20th Anniversary Concert LiveDar WilliamsCD12
Razor & Tie83636-2793018363624
EmeraldDar WilliamsCD11
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)DAR518724131981518
1995-09-25: Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Los Angeles, CA, USADar Williams(unknown)8
1995-11-21: Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA, USADar Williams2×(unknown)8 + 12
1998-04-15: The Coach HouseDar Williams(unknown)14
1999-10-17: Kresge Auditorium, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USADar Williams2×(unknown)9 + 8
2007-01-31: Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, CA, USADar Williams(unknown)22
2008-09-12: Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA, USADar Williams2×(unknown)12 + 8
2013-11-07: The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI, USADar WilliamsDigital Media28
All My Heroes Are Dead / I Have No HistoryDar Williams(unknown)17
Dar SamplerDar Williams(unknown)14
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