Name ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] 5:32
[untitled] 1:00
Close Encounters of The Ominous Ape-Cat (A Contemplative Nocturne Useful for Passing Sleepless Mid-Nights) 1:44
Daylight Monsters: A Faerie Shocker - or - Speaking of Spectral Centaurs From Alpha Centauri... Heads Up! Hoofs of Wrath! 1:50
Electrocutesy vs. the Shocking Alternative (A Love Song for the Aged Youth of Today) 1:20
Herbert Has a Horn: A Syllogism 0:10
Horror Boy’s Monstrous Thought Revue 2:04
Hyperboreans in Hyperspace - or - At the Back of the North Star 1:23
Intro to Horns 0:31
Iron-Horned John Awakes and Says ‘Good Day’ to Children Everywhere 0:52
Metamorphosis Suite in Three Movements, Part I: Hymn of the Mer-Witch 2:01
Metamorphosis Suite in Three Movements, Part II: Watershed 0:33
Metamorphosis Suite in Three Movements, Part III: Great Gash in the Sky, Deep Heaven Descends 0:59
Sarx Machines Are Dying to Become Daughters and Sons (Irene, Irene Evangeline) 0:54
Something Breathes Beside You in the Darkness - or - Who Is the Light That Flashed on the All-Horrors Desolate Beach Bash? 2:30
The Ants of God Are Queer Fish (And Now Walk Gently Through the Fire) 2:21
The Behemoth cum Leviathan cum Cherubim cum Seraphim Monsters of Heaven and Earth Meta-Flesh Manifesto 2:23
The Horns of the Lamb Do Grow Even in These Badlands 2:19
The Manifesto Continued and Concluded 0:25
We Are the Death of God Movement (This Is New Creature Rock) 2:12
Whores On Mars (Are Not Necessarily Necessary) 1:21
You Don't Understand My 25-Year Transmogrification Plan (An American Werewolf in Glasgow) 1:44

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