Snoop Dogg (US rapper)

~ Person


member of:213 (american hip hop group)
Tha Eastsidaz
legal name:Calvin Broadus
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
If I Die 2NiteCalvin Broadus
liner notes
Ghetto DMaster P
2 All My People
A Nigga Witta Gun
Deeez Nuuuts
Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
In This Life…
It's All On A Ho
Let Me Ride
Lil' Ghetto Boy
Lyrical Gangbang
Stranded on Death Row
The $20 Sack Pyramid
The Chronic (intro)
The Day the Niggaz Took Over
Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach
Doggystyle: The Samples (Hosted and Mixed by Snoop Dogg)medium 1Snoop Dogg
1Question?7 Days of Funk feat. Steve Arrington3:45
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg3:26
Act RightSnoop Dogg, Six-2 & Moe-Z3:26
Act Right (Original)Snoop Dogg & Shade Sheist2:27
Act Right (U.S Remix)Snoop Dogg, Moe-Z, Yung Blu & Six-24:40
Baby's MamaBabyface feat. Snoop Dogg3:55
Bitch NiggazguestDr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, Hittman & Six‐Two4:16
Bitches Ain't ShitadditionalDr. Dre feat. Daz & Snoop Dogg4:21
Blame It On MeguestQuictamac feat. Snoop Dogg & B. Thompson4:32
Blow'dguestDaz Dilly feat. Devin the Dude & Snoop Dogg4:07
Bow Wow (That's My Name)Lil Bow Wow feat. Snoop Dogg3:44
Buttons (album version)The Pussycat Dolls3:48
Buttons (album version)guestThe Pussycat Dolls3:48
Chin CheckN.W.A feat. Snoop Dogg3:32
Come and Get With MeKeith Sweat feat. Snoop Dogg4:10
ConditionerWu‐Tang Clan feat. Snoop Dogg5:33
ConditionerOl’ Dirty Bastard feat. Snoop Dogg?:??
ConversationguestBaby S feat. Snoop Dogg4:36
Crip HopTha Eastsidaz feat. Snoop Dogg5:04
Cruisin'Jadakiss feat. Snoop Dogg3:55
CrybabyMariah Carey feat. Snoop Dogg5:19
CrybabyMariah Carey feat. Snoop Dogg5:21
CuriousguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg4:45
D.N.A. (Drugs-N-Alkahol)Xzibit feat. Snoop Dogg4:38
Deep CoverDr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg4:16
Deep CoverDr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:08
Do My Thang7 Days of Funk4:47
Don't StopBeanie Sigel feat. Snoop Dogg3:32
Drop It Like It’s HotSnoop Dogg feat. Pharrell4:32
Every Single DayTha Dogg Pound feat. Snoop Dogg5:10
Faden Away7 Days of Funk5:40
FrontlineguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg3:45
Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)Dr. Dre4:52
Fuck YouguestDr. Dre featuring Devin & Snoop Dogg3:27
G'd UpTha Eastsidaz feat. Snoop Dogg4:16
Game Don’t WaitWarren G feat. Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg4:17
Get Your Mind Right MamiJay‐Z feat. Snoop Dogg & Memphis Bleek4:22
Had to CallTwista feat. Snoop Dogg & Sleepy Eyed Jones3:47
Hit da Pavement7 Days of Funk feat. Bootsy Collins4:16
Hollywood Bank RobberyguestThe Gang feat. Kurupt & Snoop Dogg4:32
HoodtrapsguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg & Kokane4:25
I Wanna Love YouAkon feat. Snoop Dogg4:07
I Wanna Thank YaAngie Stone feat. Snoop Dogg3:48
I Wanna Thank YaAngie Stone feat. Snoop Dogg3:48
I'll Be There 4U7 Days of Funk3:18
I'm Lovin' ItJustin Timberlake feat. Snoop Dogg?:??
I’m OfficialGnoc feat. Snoop Dogg & JT the Bigga Figga3:24
InterludeKid Capri feat. Snoop Dogg & Warren G0:11
IntroTha Eastsidaz1:16
It's All On A HoSnoop Dogg5:44
Ladies & GentsAngie Martinez feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg4:15
Land of OzSnoop Dogg3:46
Let It Go7 Days of Funk4:34
Life's So Hard2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg4:47
Lil’ Ghetto BoyDr. Dre5:29
Loosing Your MindXzibit feat. Snoop Dogg3:53
Lose Your LifeThe Alchemist feat. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss & Pusha T4:28
Losing Your MindXzibit feat. Snoop Dogg3:31
Make U ScreamCassidy feat. Snoop Dogg4:03
Make You ScreamCassidy feat. Snoop Dogg?:??
Mo Money 2 FoldKurupt feat. Snoop Dogg5:07
MoralsguestSmoke DZA feat. Snoop Dogg3:26
Never Caught Slippin'guestNottz feat. Snoop Dogg & Royce da 5′9″4:32
Never Leave Me AloneNate Dogg feat. Snoop Dogg5:27
Never Leave Me AloneNate Dogg feat. Snoop Dogg5:56
Nite L.O.C.SMr. Kane feat. Snoop Dogg3:32
NoidguestBerner feat. Devin the Dude & Snoop Dogg4:51
Nuthin' but a G Thang (remix)Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:34
Oh YeahDJ Whoo Kid & Tego Calderón feat. Snoop2:31
Out the Moon2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg5:12
P.I.M.P.G-Unit feat. Snoop Dogg3:40
P.I.M.P. (remix)50 Cent feat. Snoop Dogg2:56
P.I.M.P. (remix)50 Cent feat. Snoop Dogg4:09
P.I.M.P. (remix)50 Cent feat. Snoop Dogg3:15
Pleezbaleevit!guestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg & Layzie Bone3:55
Pop Your Collar 2 DisguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg3:53
PoseJustin Timberlake feat. Snoop Dogg4:46
Pump Ya BrakesWill Smith feat. Snoop Dogg3:34
Put Your Hands UpguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Kokane, King Lou & Ruff Dogg5:33
Real G'sFunkmaster Flex & Big Kap feat. Snoop Dogg3:47
Ridaz With MeguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg & Morticia4:42
Ride7 Days of Funk feat. Kurupt4:04
Ride On/Caught Up! (clean)Snoop Dogg feat. Kurupt3:31
Ride On/Caught Up! (clean - video edit)Snoop Dogg feat. Kurupt4:23
Ride On/Caught Up! (instrumental)Snoop Dogg feat. Kurupt4:39
Santa Claus Goes Straight to the GhettoSnoop Doggy Dogg feat. Dat Nigga Daz, Tray Deee, Bad Azz & Nate Dogg5:50
Say Somethin'Mariah Carey feat. Snoop Dogg3:44
She Don't Know My NameguestNelly feat. Snoop Dogg & Ron Isley4:26
Sleeping in My BedDarius Rucker feat. Snoop Dogg4:44
Snoopy Pryor (skit)guestDoggy's Angels0:19
Still D.R.E.Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:29
Still D.R.E.Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:31
Still D.R.E.guestDr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg4:33
Still D.R.E. (instrumental)Dr. Dre4:28
Still D.R.E. (radio edit)guestDr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:36
Still DreDr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg3:34
Still DreDr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg3:49
Still DreDr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:33
Still DreDr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg3:58
Straight RiderBlu Cantrell feat. Snoop Dogg4:13
Systamatic7 Days of Funk feat. Tha Dogg Pound3:32
The Fatha FiggaSnoop Doggy Dogg & 2Pac5:02
The Fatha Figga2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg4:58
The Next Episode (part of a Tim Westwood DJ-Mix)Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg2:50
Told You SoguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg3:33
Two of Americaz Most Wanted2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg4:07
UnifyKid Capri feat. Snoop Dogg & Slick Rick4:08
Up on ThingsFabolous feat. Snoop Dogg3:42
Wanted Dead or Alive2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg4:43
Wanted Dead or Alive2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg3:28
Wanted Dead or Alive2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg4:38
Wanted Dead or Alive (a cappella)2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg?:??
Wanted Dead or Alive (remix)2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg3:44
War Is On (remix)Krayzie Bone feat. Snoop Dogg3:27
We're Unified (Track Masters remix)Kid Capri feat. Snoop Dogg & Slick Rick4:31
Welcome to the World of the Plastic BeachGorillaz & Snoop Dogg3:36
What Would U Do?Anthony B feat. Snoop Dogg4:27
What's Yo PleasureguestDaz Dilly feat. Snoop Dogg3:49
Who the Hell CaresguestMethods of Mayhem feat. Snoop Dogg3:32
With YouJamie Foxx feat. The Game & Snoop Dogg4:20
Yac & KokeguestDoggy's Angels feat. Snoop Dogg3:31
Yeah! Yeah!Redman feat. Snoop2:54
You Never KnowWarren G feat. Snoop Dogg, Phats Bossi & Reel Tight3:47
(O.J.) Wake Up (explicit)Snoop Doggy DoggSnoop Doggy Dogg featuring Tray Deee4:44
Change Gone ComeSnoop Dogg5:43
D.O.G.’s Get Lonely 2 (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Jon B.3:16
Hit RocksSnoop Dogg5:48
Hoes, Money & Clout (explicit)Snoop Dogg3:22
LBC and the IngMack 104:36
Me and My DoggsSnoop Dogg4:03
Out the MoonSnoop Doggy DoggSnoop Dogg feat. 2Pac, Tray Dee & Soopafly5:10
Pay for P… (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Big Pimpin' DeLemond1:43
Picture This (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Mia X2:31
Santa Claus Goes Straight to the GhettoSnoop Doggy Dogg feat. Dat Nigga Daz, Tray Deee, Bad Azz & Nate Dogg5:50
Suited n BootedSnoop Dogg3:16
Too BlackSnoop Dogg5:17
Johnny Cash RemixedexecutiveJohnny Cash
Puff Puff Pass TourexecutiveBigg Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet TreatmentexecutiveSnoop Dogg
Snoop Dub: The Dub Tribute to Snoop DoggVitamin Dub
video appearance
Eye Witness (official video)Kiing Shooter Feat. Dave East2:42
Never Say Never: Part 8, Bieber FeverJustin Bieber5:07
Never Say Never: Part 15, The Big ShowJustin Bieber5:55
“Chuurch”spoken vocalsSnoop Dogg0:49
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (explicit)Snoop Doggy Doggguest2Pac feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg4:07
20 Dollars to My Name (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Fiend, Master P, Silkk the Shocker & Soulja Slim4:08
420 (Blaze Up)Snoop Dogg feat. Devin the Dude, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Battlecat4:25
Act Right (Remix) (Mixed By DJ Spark)guestLil Woofy Woof feat. Snoop Dogg & Shade Sheist2:12
Afro PuffsadditionalThe Lady of Rage4:51
Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None) (explicit)Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. Nate Dogg, Warren G & Kurupt4:06
Ain’t Nut’in Personal (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. C‐Murder & Silkk the Shocker3:37
All Bout U (explicit)Snoop Doggy Doggguest2Pac feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Nate Dogg & Dru Down4:37
AnybodyguestDr. Greenthumb feat. Snoop Dogg & KingFly4:30
Bacc in da DayzSnoop Dogg feat. Big Tray Deee3:50
Best Part of Being on Tourspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg2:54
Big MouthSnoop Dogg4:01
Bitch PleaseSnoop Dogg feat. Xzibit3:46
Bitch Please IIguestEminem feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit & Nate Dogg4:48
Bitches Ain’t ShitadditionalDr. Dre4:48
Bottle PopPussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg3:30
Bus Musicspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg0:52
Buttons (final edit version)guest and other vocalsPussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg3:52
California GurlsguestKaty Perry feat. Snoop Dogg3:55
California RollSnoop Dogg feat. Stevie Wonder4:12
Can't Stop (DâM-FunK G-mix)guestMayer Hawthorne feat. Snoop Dogg4:16
Can’t StopadditionalMayer Hawthorne with Snoop Dogg3:57
Caviarother vocalsBow Wow feat. Snoop Dogg3:44
Chose MeguestPaul Wall feat. Snoop Dogg & Berner3:50
Connecticutspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg3:37
Crew (Puff Puff Pass Tour)spoken vocalsSnoop Dogg3:19
CrybabyguestMariah Carey5:21
D.O.G.’s Get Lonely 2 (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Jon B.3:16
Dead Man’s Tetrislead vocals [vocals]Flying Lotus feat. Snoop Dogg & Captain Murphy2:26
Deeez NuuutsadditionalDr. Dre5:06
Deep Cover (radio version)lead vocalsDr. Dre introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg3:48
Deep Cover (U-N-C-E-N-S-O-R-E-D)lead vocalsDr. Dre introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg4:27
Doggz Gonna Get Ya (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Mac4:59
Doin’ Time (Snoop Time remix)additionalSublime4:39
Don’t Let ’emBootsy Collins feat. Rosie Gaines, Snoop Dogg & Till Brönner5:34
Don’t Let Go (explicit)Snoop Dogg3:47
DP Gangsta (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. C‐Murder & Eddie Griffin4:53
DPG Fo' LifeguestDaz Dillinger feat. Snoop Dogg & Supafly4:57
Dr. HyphensteinguestB‐Real feat. Snoop Dogg, Young De & Trace Midas3:59
DynamiteSnoop Dogglead vocalsAfrojack feat. Snoop Dogg3:48
Earth (explicit)additionalLil Dicky4:42
FadedguestBerner & B‐Real feat. Snoop Dogg & Vital4:33
Familyspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg2:20
Flip It (The Edit)Snoop DoggCharlotte Devaney featuring Snoop Dogg3:15
Flip It (The Edit) (extended mix)Snoop DoggCharlotte Devaney ft. Snoop Dogg4:14
Flip It (The Edit) (Wideboys club mix)Snoop DoggCharlotte Devaney ft. Snoop Dogg5:50
Flip It (The Edit) (Wideboys dub)Snoop DoggCharlotte Devaney ft. Snoop Dogg5:50
Flip It (The Edit) (Wideboys radio edit)Snoop DoggCharlotte Devaney ft. Snoop Dogg3:28
From tha Chuuuch to da PalaceSnoop Dogg2:22
Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')additionalDr Dre4:56
Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)additionalDr. Dre4:52
FunkguestYoung Robbery feat. Snoop Dogg3:42
Funk ShipBootsy Collins1:02
Game of Life (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Steady Mobb'n3:52
Gangsta Love (J-Box remix)Snoop Dogg feat. Ice Cube3:50
Gangsta MoveSnoop Dogg4:53
Gangsta ZoneDaddy Yankee featuring Snoop Dogg?:??
Gangsta ZoneguestDaddy Yankee featuring Snoop Dogg3:33
Get Bout It & Rowdy (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Master P4:23
GhettoadditionalKelly Rowland feat. Snoop Dogg2:56
Gin & JuiceSnoop Doggy Dogg3:34
Gin & Juice II (explicit)Snoop Dogg3:37
Go OnSnoop Dogg feat. October London3:10
Go to Church (explicit)guestIce Cube feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Jon4:00
Go to ChurchguestIce Cube feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Jon3:52
GremlinsNotorious B.I.G. feat. Busta Rhymes & Snoop Dogg3:09
Gz & HustlasSnoop Doggy Dogg4:38
Have a SeatEn Vogue feat. Snoop Dogg3:49
Hoes in My Roomguest and lead vocalsLudacris feat. Snoop Dogg4:40
Hoes, Money & Clout (explicit)Snoop Dogg3:22
Hollywood (explicit)Gorillaz feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle4:53
Hollywood Divorcebackground vocals, guest and lead vocalsOutKast feat. Lil’ Wayne & Snoop Dogg5:22
Hustle & Ball (explicit)Snoop Dogg3:27
I Ain't Fucking Wit U!guestYoung Buck feat. Snoop Dogg & Trick Daddy3:52
I Wanna Love YouAkon feat. Snoop Dogg3:56
I'm Day DreamingguestRedd feat. Akon & Snoop Dogg3:56
I’m Still HereSnoop Dogg3:33
In This Life…guestGang Starr feat. Snoop Dogg & Uncle Reo3:07
Intro (Puff Puff Pass Tour)spoken vocalsSnoop Dogg2:21
Lavender (Nightfall remix)Snoop Dogg feat. BADBADNOTGOOD & Kaytranada3:15
Lay LowSnoop Dogg feat. Master P, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & Tha Eastsidaz3:43
Let Us BeginSnoop Dogg feat. KRS‐One3:43
Lil' Ghetto BoyadditionalDr Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Nate Dogg4:43
Lil’ Ghetto BoyadditionalDr. Dre5:29
Lodi DodiSnoop Doggy Dogg4:28
Losin' Your MindguestXzibit feat. Snoop Dogg4:17
Love Around the WorldSnoop Dogg feat. Big Bub3:25
Love Gangstaother vocalsBootsy Collins feat. Snoop Dogg, Daz & Colin Rich3:47
Make Em Say Uhh #2guestMaster P feat. Fiend, Snoop Dogg, Mia X & Silkk the Shocker4:29
Mama Raised MeguestMaster P feat. Snoop Dogg & Soulja Slim3:12
Meowpurrdy (El-P remix)spoken vocalsRun the Jewels feat. Lil BUB, Maceo, Delonte & Snoop Dogg3:47
Moment I FearedSnoop Dogg feat. Rick Rock2:27
Mount KushmoreSnoop Dogg feat. Redman, Method Man & B‐Real3:48
Murder Was the CaseSnoop Doggy Dogg3:41
Neva LeftSnoop Dogg5:07
Never Say Never: Part 8, Bieber Feverspoken vocalsJustin Bieber5:07
No PressureguestClassified feat. Snoop Dogg4:12
NORML Confererencespoken vocalsSnoop Dogg5:05
Nuthin' But a 'G' ThangadditionalDr Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg3:52
Nuthin’ but a “G” ThangadditionalDr. Dre3:58
Off the WireguestIZA4:33
Old School Influencesspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg2:35
Ole OleSnoop Dogg feat. Ljupka Stević3:13
Pay for P… (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Big Pimpin' DeLemond1:43
Picture This (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Mia X2:31
Promise You ThisSnoop Dogg2:52
Puff Puff Pass Tour Part Two Trailerspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg3:32
Rat‐Tat‐Tat‐TatadditionalDr. Dre3:49
Red Light-Green LightguestLimp Bizkit5:36
Running Your MouthguestThe Notorious B.I.G. feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Foxy Brown, Fabolous & Busta Rhymes4:36
Say Somethin'additionalMariah Carey feat. Snoop Dogg3:44
See Ya When I Get There (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. C‐Murder & Mystikal3:20
Show Me Love (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Charlie Wilson3:53
Singh Is KinngR.D.B. feat. Snoop Dogg & Akshay Kumar4:55
Slow Down (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Mia X, O’Dell & Anita Thomas4:10
SnitchesguestMaster P feat. Snoop Dogg4:09
Snoop World (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Master P5:20
Snoop’s Advice to Young Rappersspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg3:57
Snoop’s Music Appealspoken vocalsSnoop Dogg2:42
Soldiers, Riders, and G’sguestMaster P feat. Snoop Dogg, Mystikal & Silkk the Shocker4:34
Stay Out the WayguestDaz n WC feat. Snoop Dogg3:38
Steal Your MindguestUnderground Kingz feat. Too $hort & Snoop Dogg4:45
Still a G Thang (explicit)Snoop Dogg4:20
Still D.R.E. (a cappella version)Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:02
Still D.R.E. (LP version)Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:34
Still D.R.E. (radio edit)Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg4:34
Stranded on Death RowadditionalDr. Dre4:47
Sweatlead vocalsSnoop Dogg vs. David Guetta3:16
SwivelSnoop Dogg feat. Stressmatic4:17
That ShitnitSnoop Doggy Dogg4:42
The $20 Sack PyramidadditionalDr. Dre2:53
The Chronic (intro)additionalDr. Dre1:58
The Day the Niggaz Took OveradditionalDr. Dre4:33
The Next EpisodeguestDr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg2:43
The Streetsadditional and guestWC feat. Nate Dogg1:18
The War Iz OnguestKrayzie Bone feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kurupt & Layzie Bone4:32
Thug GirlguestMaster P feat. Snoop Dogg & Silkk the Shocker3:13
Time Is NowMurs feat. Snoop Dogg4:55
Toss ItSnoop Dogg feat. Too $hort & Nef the Pharoah3:15
TransitionSnoop Dogg3:48
Trash BagsSnoop Dogg feat. K CAMP3:27
Tru Tank Dogs (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Mystikal3:55
U Can’t Fuck With Me (explicit)guestLL Cool J feat. Snoop Dogg, Xzibit & Jayo Felony4:25
U Should Know BetterguestRobyn feat. Snoop Dogg4:01
UnifySnoop Doggy DogguestKid Capri feat. Snoop Doggy Dog & Slick Rick3:59
Vapors (DJ Battlecat remix)Snoop Dogg feat. Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie6:49
Wanted Dead or Alivelead vocals2Pac & Snoop Doggy Dogg4:40
War WoundsguestMaster P feat. Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Fiend & Silkk the Shocker4:22
WCSRother vocalsKid Rock feat. Snoop Dogg4:45
We Be Puttin’ It DownBad Azz feat. Snoop Dogg4:21
What Do You Like to Smoke?spoken vocalsSnoop Dogg2:25
What Would U Do?Snoop Doggy DoggadditionalTha Dogg Pound5:09
Whatcha Gon Do (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Master P2:37
Who Am I (What's My Name?)Snoop Doggy Dogg4:12
Who Got the FireguestFiend feat. Snoop Dogg and Master P4:56
WiggleSnoop DoggguestJason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg3:13
Woof! (explicit)Snoop Dogg feat. Fiend & Mystikal4:22
X (explicit)guest and other vocalsXzibit4:17
YouguestLucy Pearl feat. Snoop Dogg & Q‐Tip4:26
You Gotta Lotta That (explicit)guestIce Cube feat. Snoop Dogg4:06
21 Jumpstreet
Freestyle ConversationSnoop Doggy Dogg
Heartbreaker (remix) (not "Heartbreak" of the same artist)
Make Em Say Uhh #2Calvin Broadus
Mama Raised MeCalvin Broadus
Off the HookSnoop Doggy Dogg
One Eight Seven
Red Light-Green Light
SnitchesCalvin Broadus
Soldiers, Riders, and G'sCalvin Broadus
SouljasSnoop Dogg
Thug GirlCalvin Broadus
Wanted Dead or AliveCalvin Broadus
War WoundsCalvin Broadus
We Just Wanna Party With YouSnoop Doggy Dogg
What Would U Do?
When I Grow Up (Snoop Doggy Dogg)Snoop Doggy Dogg
Who Got Some Gangsta Shit?
Y'all Gone Miss Me