Legal name: 前田勝彦

Also performs as: Fatal Defect Orchestra, Wonderland Falling Yesterday, world’s end boyfriend



2000ending storyworld’s end girlfriend2.53
2001farewell kingdomworld’s end girlfriend2.52
2002dream’s end come trueworld’s end girlfriend2
2005The Lie Lay Landworld’s end girlfriend33
2005Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder RefrainMONO & world’s end girlfriend3.758
2007Hurtbreak Wonderlandworld’s end girlfriend2
2010SEVEN IDIOTSworld’s end girlfriend3
2015在りし日の声 Voices of Days Pastworld’s end girlfriend, Vampillia & 中原中也1
2016LAST WALTZworld’s end girlfriend3

Album + Soundtrack

2009空気人形world’s end girlfriend53
2012Starry Starry Nightworld’s end girlfriend2
2017Tasha Tudor: A still water storysione / world’s end girlfriend / mio-sotido / 良原リエ / ハチスノイト1
2021うみべの女の子world’s end girlfriend2

Album + Live

2015Song to the Siren - LIVE 3.11world’s end girlfriend1
2018LAST WALTZ IN TOKYOworld’s end girlfriend4

Album + Remix

2010Division One “Hurtbreak Wonderland”world’s end girlfriend1
2010Division Two “Hurtbreak Wonderland”world’s end girlfriend1
2017LAST WALTZ REMIXworld’s end girlfriend2


2013YUDECHANGworld’s end girlfriend feat. BOOL1
2014SDMFmixworld’s end girlfriend feat. MF DOOM1
2019RENDERING THE SOULworld’s end girlfriend1
2020himitsuSmany & world’s end girlfriend1
2021IN THE NAME OF LOVEworld’s end girlfriend2
2021BLACK BOX FAKE FACTworld’s end girlfriend & CRZKNY1


2000Sky Short Story EPworld’s end girlfriend11
2001Letter From Crying Klaraworld’s end girlfriend1
2010Other Voicesworld’s end girlfriend1
2010Division (EP), Vol. 1world’s end girlfriend1
2010Division (EP), Vol. 2world’s end girlfriend1
2010Division (EP), Vol. 3world’s end girlfriend1
2010Division (EP), Vol. 4world’s end girlfriend1
2010Division (EP), Vol. 5world’s end girlfriend1
2010Division (EP), Vol. 6world’s end girlfriend1
2012Starry Starry Night: Extra Tracksworld’s end girlfriend1
2012Story Telling Again and Againworld’s end girlfriend1
2013I Know Youworld’s end girlfriend1
2014Girls/Boys Songworld’s end girlfriend2
2017Requiem EPKASHIWA Daisuke, world’s end girlfriend1
2018MEGURIworld’s end girlfriend1

EP + Live

2016LIVE/10/10/2015world’s end girlfriend1


2012Birthday Resistance ParadeWorld's End Girlfriend1

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