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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All My Days With You Sweetback 4:09
Arabesque Sweetback 3:37
Au Natural Sweetback 4:15
Au Natural (After Midnight a cappella) Sweetback feat. Bahamadia 4:07
Au Natural (After Midnight instrumental edit) Sweetback 4:13
Au Natural (album a cappella) Sweetback feat. Bahamadia 2:14
Au Natural (album instrumental edit) Sweetback 4:14
Au Natural (album version edit) Sweetback feat. Bahamadia 4:00
Au Natural (The Roots After Midnight remix) Sweetback feat. Bahamadia 3:52
Blue Heights Sweetback 3:40
Chord Sweetback 3:31
Circles Sweetback 6:24
Circus Waltz Sweetback 4:09
Cloud People Sweetback 5:30
Come Dubbing Sweetback 4:42
Gaze Sweetback 5:27
Gaze Sweetback ?:??
Gaze Sweetback USSM19601785 5:19
Gaze (album mix) Sweetback 5:18
Hope She'll Be Happier Sweetback 6:17
Jesus Girl Sweetback 5:24
Love Is the Word Sweetback 4:34
Lover Sweetback 4:58
Lover Sweetback 4:56
Mountain Sweetback 4:43
Powder Sweetback 5:21
Round and Round Sweetback 7:14
Round and Round Sweetback 7:15
Sensations Sweetback 4:30
Shining Hour Sweetback 2:20
Sing to Be Safe Sweetback 3:56
Softly Softly Sweetback 4:29
Things You'll Never Know Sweetback 4:19
Tonite Sweetback 5:18
Voodoo Breath Sweetback 5:36
Walk of Ju Sweetback 4:07
Walk of Ju Sweetback USSM19601792 3:51
You Will Rise Sweetback 5 6:29
You Will Rise Sweetback 4:01
You Will Rise Sweetback 6:23
You Will Rise Sweetback 4:01
You Will Rise Sweetback feat. Amel Larrieux 4:01
You Will Rise (Bone Idol edit) Sweetback 3:48
You Will Rise (Bone Idol mix) Sweetback 6:25
You Will Rise (Cottonbelly's PG mix) Sweetback 5:55
You Will Rise (Deliverance Prayer Bowl) Sweetback 4:24
You Will Rise (Goldfingahs mix) Sweetback 7:16
You Will Rise (LP radio edit) Sweetback feat. Amel Larrieux 4:04
You Will Rise (Scapegoat mix) Sweetback 4:37

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