Name ISRCs Rating Length
...In the Mirror 3:56
A Betrayal of Self 5:25
A Cry to the Perilous Sun 3:40
A Portal to Rapture 5:22
An Examination of Being 3:40
As If a Rose I Wither 3:40
As Long as I Have Myself I Am Not Alone 4:39
Conduits to Eternity 4:11
Conferring With Demons 3:48
Dismantling an Empire 5:59
Interlude With Reason 1:42
Introspection and the Loss of Denial 3:30
Lies Upon the Lips of Judas 4:11
Prelude to Ruin 1:36
Reflection, an Endless Endeavor 3:20
Seeking the Prophets 3:55
The Concept of Our Extinction 4:18
The Culling 4:29
The Culling 4:31
The Culling 4:32
The Scriptures of Purification 4:03
The Scriptures of Purification GBBPB0804828 4:03
This Mortal Journey 4:53

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