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A New EndingbassoonJerry Goldsmith8:36
A New Ending (alternate)bassoonJerry Goldsmith6:11
A New FriendbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:38
Attack PatternbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:23
Attack Pattern (Alternate Mix)bassoonJerry Goldsmith2:23
Battle StationsbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:42
Battle Stations (alternate mix)bassoonJerry Goldsmith2:42
Bed Time / TransportbassoonJerry Goldsmith1:38
Ben EscapesbassoonEdward Shearmur3:12
Blood TestbassoonJerry Goldsmith1:26
Blue SkiesbassoonJerry Goldsmith3:17
Blue Skies (instrumental)bassoonJerry Goldsmith2:39
Conjure of SacrificebassoonEdward Shearmur2:41
Data & B-4 (alternate)bassoonJerry Goldsmith1:39
Director and ComposerbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:37
EngagebassoonJerry Goldsmith2:13
Final Flight (Star Trek: Nemesis)bassoonJerry Goldsmith3:50
Firing SequencebassoonJerry Goldsmith0:57
Full ReversebassoonJerry Goldsmith1:41
His Plans / Data & B-4bassoonJerry Goldsmith2:41
Hoodoo WomanbassoonEdward Shearmur2:45
IdealsbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:17
Lateral RunbassoonJerry Goldsmith3:55
My Right ArmbassoonJerry Goldsmith1:04
Not FunctionalbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:56
Odds and EndsbassoonJerry Goldsmith4:39
Opening TitlesbassoonEdward Shearmur3:00
OptionsbassoonJerry Goldsmith0:58
Options (alternate mix)bassoonJerry Goldsmith0:57
Options (alternate)bassoonJerry Goldsmith0:56
Perfect Timing / AllegiancebassoonJerry Goldsmith2:20
RemusbassoonJerry Goldsmith1:58
RepairsbassoonJerry Goldsmith6:28
Riker vs. ViceroybassoonJerry Goldsmith0:21
Riker’s Strut #1 (Mike Lang)bassoonJerry Goldsmith1:02
Riker’s Strut #2 (Mike Lang)bassoonJerry Goldsmith1:07
Saving BenbassoonEdward Shearmur4:41
SecretsbassoonJerry Goldsmith1:28
Secrets (alternate mix)bassoonJerry Goldsmith1:29
Serenade in D Minor, Op. 44, B. 77: I. ModeratocontrabassoonAntonín Dvořák4:12
Serenade in D Minor, Op. 44, B. 77: II. MinuettocontrabassoonAntonín Dvořák5:39
Serenade in D Minor, Op. 44, B. 77: III. RomancecontrabassoonAntonín Dvořák8:35
Serenade in D Minor, Op. 44, B. 77: IV. FinalecontrabassoonAntonín Dvořák5:40
Star Field / Positronic SignalbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:00
Thank You ChildbassoonEdward Shearmur2:04
That Song / An HonorbassoonJerry Goldsmith1:28
The ArgobassoonJerry Goldsmith1:17
The BoxbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:22
The Conjure RoombassoonEdward Shearmur5:54
The Invitation / True Nature / Let’s Go To WorkbassoonJerry Goldsmith4:37
The KnifebassoonJerry Goldsmith3:11
The MinebassoonJerry Goldsmith1:28
The Mine (alternate)bassoonJerry Goldsmith1:31
The MirrorbassoonJerry Goldsmith5:23
The ScorpionbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:25
True Nature (alternate mix)bassoonJerry Goldsmith1:32
Violet’s StorybassoonEdward Shearmur2:29
Where No One Has Gone Before: Beyond Velocity (M23)bassoonRon Jones1:48
Where No One Has Gone Before: Billion Light Years Away (M31) / Targs, Cats, Imagination (M32)bassoonRon Jones2:23
Where No One Has Gone Before: Center Your Thoughts (M52) / Warp Home (M53 tk 1)bassoonRon Jones2:51
Where No One Has Gone Before: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (M33) / Waltz of the Chocolate Donut (M34) / Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (M35/M35A)bassoonRon Jones1:06
Where No One Has Gone Before: Ensign Wesley (M54)bassoonRon Jones1:13
Where No One Has Gone Before: He’s Dying (M37) / Unknown Physiology (M41) / Encourage (M42) / Concentrate (M43) / No Choice (M51)bassoonRon Jones2:41
Where No One Has Gone Before: Log (M11) / Visitors (M12) / Concerned (M13) / Fly-By (M14) / Wes and the Traveler (M15)bassoonRon Jones2:28
Where No One Has Gone Before: Long Distance (M21) / Dangerous Nonsense (M22)bassoonRon Jones2:04
Where No One Has Gone Before: Talk with Mom (M36)bassoonRon Jones2:06
Where No One Has Gone Before: The Test (M16) / Double Warp (M17) / Long Way from Home (M18)bassoonRon Jones2:43
Your Brother / Course PlottedbassoonJerry Goldsmith2:07
TestifywoodwindThe Simpsons
Testify: A Whole Lot More Original Music From the Television SerieswoodwindThe Simpsons