War Babies (US hard rock band)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Big Big Sun USSM10407782 3:29
Blue Tomorrow USSM10407779 5:55
Blue Tomorrow (single version) 4:38
Care (Man I Just Don’t) USSM10407784 4:07
Cry Yourself to Sleep USSM10407776 4:47
Cry Yourself to Sleep (Guitar version) 4:10
Cry Yourself to Sleep (single version) 3:36
Death Valley of Love USSM10407781 3:45
Hang Me Up USSM10407774 4:03
Hang Me Up 4:02
Hang Me Up (edit version) 3:52
In the Wind 4:23
In the Wind USSM10407775 4:25
Jeannie’s Pub 2:26
Killing Time USSM10407783 4:38
Satellite USSM10407780 4:23
Sea of Madness USSM10407778 4:56
Sweetwater USSM10407777 4:16

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