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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Baby Bird Whores. 3:41
Baby Teeth Whores. 3:28
Bloody Like the Day You Were Born Whores ?:??
Bloody Like the Day You Were Born Whores. 3:59
Blue Blood Whores. 1:39
Charlie Chaplin Routine Whores. 2:13
Cougars, Not Kittens Whores. 6:40
Daddy's Money Whores. 5 3:26
Fake Life Whores. 5 3:18
Ghost Trash Whores. 2:53
I Am an Amateur at Everything Whores. 5:12
I Am Not a Goal-Oriented Person Whores. 2:55
I Have a Prepared Statement Whores. 6:15
I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt Whores. 2:35
Jumping Someone Else’s Train Whores. 5:14
Last Looks Whores. 4:07
Mental Illness as Mating Ritual Whores. 3:04
Of Course You Do Whores. 3:43
Participation Trophy Whores. 4:11
Playing Poor Whores. 3:04
Shower Time Whores. 5 2:54
Straight Down Whores. 5 5:10
Tell Me Something Scientific Whores. 5 4:30

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