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199050's Hits CountryVarious Artists1
2007Up Country: 36 Great Stompin' Cowboy ClassicsVarious Artists1


1990Billboard Greatest Country Christmas HitsVarious Artists1
199720 Country GreatsVarious Artists1


1994High Lonesome: The American Culture of Country MusicVarious Artists1


1974How I Love Them Old SongsJohnny Bond1
1991Texas State of MindVarious Artists1
1994Songs of the West, Volume 1Various Artists1
1996Country Classics 100 Greatest HitsVarious Artists1
1997From Alamo to El DoradoVarious Artists1
2005Winter Wonderland Vol 3Various Artists1
2011Songs From the Mojave Wasteland - In a Fallout New Vegas MoodVarious Artists1
2015The Rose of RoscraeTom Russell2
2017The Les Baxter Collection 1943-62Various Artists1

Album + Compilation

1963Chart Busters '62Various Artists2
1970An All-Star Country ChristmasVarious Artists1
197320 All-Time Vocal ChartbustersVarious Artists1
197938 Country ClassicsVarious Artists1
1982Tumbling TumbleweedsVarious Artists1
1988Country USA: 1961Various Artists1
1989Big CountryVarious Artists1
1989Hillbilly Music...Thank God!, Volume 1Various Artists1
1990Classic Country Music: A Smithsonian Collection, Volume IVarious Artists1
1990Christmas Kisses: Christmas Classics From Capitol's Early YearsVarious Artists1
1990Country Hits of the '40sVarious Artists1
1990Your Hit Parade: 1952Various Artists1
1991Sioux City SueVarious Artists1
1992And the Winner Is… Capitol Sings the Best Movie SongsVarious Artists1
1992The Cowboy AlbumVarious Artists1
1992Unforgettable FiftiesVarious Artists1
1992Wagon WheelsVarious Artists1
1992Wagon Wheels (Legendary Songs of the Old West)Various Artists1
1993Country & Western ClassicsVarious Artists1
1993Country PrideVarious Artists1
1993Songs of the WestVarious Artists1
1993The History of Country Music: The Forties, Volume OneVarious Artists1
1993The History of Country Music: The Forties, Volume TwoVarious Artists1
1994My Rifle, My Pony and Me: Movie and TV SoundtracksVarious Artists2
1994The Singing CowboysVarious Artists1
1994Songs of the West, Vol. 4: Movie & Television ThemesVarious Artists1
1994Country Shots: God Bless AmericaVarious Artists1
1994Country: Nashville ‐ Dallas ‐ Hollywood 1927‐1942Various Artists1
1994Silver Screen Cowboys: Hoppy, Gene and MeVarious Artists1
1994The West: 20 Cowboy FavouritesVarious Artists1
1995Easy-Listening Country: Pride & Patriotism, Country StyleVarious Artists1
1996Best of Country ClassicsVarious Artists1
1996Country Stars, Volume 1Various Artists1
1996Cattle Call - Early Cowboy Music And Its RootsVarious Artists1
1997Country Music 2Various Artists1
1997Country Music 5Various Artists1
1998A Time to Remember: 1952Various Artists1
199820th Century Hits for a New Millennium: 40 Hits of 1950–1954Various Artists1
1998A Time to Remember: 1948Various Artists1
1998History of Country MusicVarious Artists1
1998The Best of Wild WestVarious Artists1
1999Rebels & Outlaws: Music From the Wild Side of LifeVarious Artists1
1999Wand'rin' StarVarious Artists1
199950 Country Golden Hits, Volume 1Various Artists1
1999A Time to Remember: 1942Various Artists1
1999Classic Country: Golden ’40sVarious Artists1
1999De Pre Historie 1952, Volume 2Various Artists1
1999The Annoying Music Show CDVarious Artists1
1999The History of Pop 1950-1954Various Artists1
200050 Years Of CountryVarious Artists1
2000As Good as It Gets: Western SwingVarious Artists1
2000Classic Country: The '60s: TreasuresVarious Artists1
2000Treasury of the West, Volume 1Various Artists1
2000The History of Pop Radio: 1920–1951Various Artists1
2001All Time Top 100 #1 Country ClassicsVarious Artists1
20011000 Original Hits: 50’s, Volume 1Various Artists51
2001Country RootsVarious Artists1
2001Classic Country: 1944-1949Various Artists1
2001Golden Greats: Greatest Country HitsVarious Artists1
2001High Noon: 25 Artists - One SongVarious Artists1
2002Country, Bluegrass & Mountain MusicVarious Artists1
2002Eskimos, Mean Old Queens & Little Bitty SteersVarious Artists1
2003The Very Best of Country LegendsVarious Artists51
2003Legends of the Old WestVarious Artists2
2003Heartland ChristmasVarious Artists1
2003Country RootsVarious Artists1
2003Legends of Country: 26 All Time Favourite Country HitsVarious Artists1
2003Legends of Country: 27 All Time Favourite Country HitsVarious Artists1
2004Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly CowboysVarious Artists1
2004The Road to Nashville: A History of Country Music 1926-1953Various Artists1
2004Country LoveVarious Artists1
2004Hello Children Everywhere! 60 Favourite Kids' SongsVarious Artists1
2004Classic Country: 1961-1965Various Artists1
2004Dog House BoogieVarious Artists1
2004Greetings From Texas: The Lone Star StateVarious Artists1
2004I Love Music 1950-1954Various Artists1
2004Seems Like Old TimesVarious Artists1
2004Simply Country: Essential Country MusicVarious Artists1
2004Up Country - The Country CollectionVarious Artists1
2005The History of Country & Western MusicVarious Artists1
2005Country & WesternVarious Artists1
2005Hello Children EverywhereVarious Artists1
2005A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough for MeVarious Artists1
2005Great Jukebox FavouritesVarious Artists1
2005The Best of Country Greats: The GentlemenVarious Artists1
2005Vinyl Raritäten 50Various Artists1

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