Shannon Hamm

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member of:Death (US death metal band) (from 1996 until 2001)
original member of:Control Denied (from 1996 until 2001: guitar family)
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A Moment of ClarityguitarDeath7:22
A Moment of Clarity (1996 demo, Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals)guitarDeath6:17
A Moment of Clarity (1996 demo, instrumental)guitarDeath6:12
A Moment of Clarity (1996 demo, instrumental)guitarDeath5:32
A Moment of Clarity (1996 demo, Paul Payne on Vocals)guitarDeath6:17
A Moment of Clarity (1996 demo)guitarDeath6:17
A Moment of Clarity (1997 demo)guitarDeath6:34
A Moment of Clarity (1998 demo)guitarDeath6:38
Believeelectric guitarControl Denied6:10
Believe (1997 demo)electric guitarControl Denied6:16
Bite the PainguitarDeath4:30
Bite the Pain (1996 demo, instrumental)guitarDeath4:14
Bite the Pain (1996 demo, Paul Payne on Vocals)guitarDeath4:20
Bite the Pain (1996 demo, Shannon Hamm on Vocals)guitarDeath4:14
Bite the Pain (1996 demo)guitarDeath4:19
Bite the Pain (1997 demo)guitarDeath4:31
Bite the Pain (1998 demo)guitarDeath4:28
Breaking the Broken (music video)electric guitarControl Denied5:55
Breaking the Brokenelectric guitarControl Denied5:41
Breaking the Broken (1999 demo)electric guitarControl Denied5:44
Breaking the Broken (1999 demo) (Chuck Schuldiner on vocals)electric guitarControl Denied5:45
Consumedelectric guitarControl Denied7:24
Consumed (1999 demo)electric guitarControl Denied6:40
Cut Downelectric guitarControl Denied4:51
Cut Down (1997 demo)electric guitarControl Denied5:01
Expect the Unexpectedelectric guitarControl Denied7:17
Flesh and the Power It HoldsguitarDeath8:26
Flesh and the Power It Holds (1998 demo no bass)guitarDeath8:22
Scavenger of Human SorrowguitarDeath6:55
Scavenger of Human Sorrow (1998 demo)guitarDeath6:49
Spirit CrusherguitarDeath6:45
Spirit Crusher (1998 demo no bass)guitarDeath6:55
Story to TellguitarDeath6:34
Story to Tell (1996 demo, Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals)guitarDeath6:24
Story to Tell (1996 demo, instrumental)guitarDeath6:13
Story to Tell (1996 demo)guitarDeath6:19
Story to Tell (1997 demo)guitarDeath6:37
Story to Tell (1998 demo)guitarDeath6:40
The Fragile Art of Existenceelectric guitarControl Denied9:38
The Fragile Art of Existence (1999 demo)electric guitarControl Denied9:30
To Forgive Is to SufferguitarDeath5:56
Tune of Evil (Chuck Schuldiner comedy demo)electric guitarControl Denied3:15
Voice of the SoulguitarDeath3:43
Voice of the Soul (1996 demo)guitarDeath3:29
Voice of the Soul (1998 demo no bass)guitarDeath3:30
What If…?electric guitarControl Denied4:30
What If…? (1997 demo)electric guitarControl Denied4:27
When the Link Becomes Missingelectric guitarControl Denied5:18
When the Link Becomes Missing (1999 demo)electric guitarControl Denied5:20
Bite the Pain (1996 demo, Shannon Hamm on Vocals)Death4:14
The Sound of PerseveranceguitarDeath
The Sound of PerseveranceguitarDeath
The Sound of PerseveranceguitarDeath
The Sound of Perseveranceguitar familyDeath
The Fragile Art of ExistenceadditionalControl Denied