Aurelio Voltaire (satire/goth solo artist)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
...About a Girl Voltaire 2:45
#1 Fan Voltaire 3:42
A Romantic Guy Voltaire 3:40
Accordion Player Voltaire 3:38
Alchemy Mondays Voltaire 1:28
All the Way Down Voltaire 3:46
All Women Are Crazy Voltaire 4:40
Almost Human Voltaire 3:55
Anastasia Voltaire 5:22
Anastasia Voltaire 5:22
Anastasia Voltaire 5:23
Anniversary Voltaire 4:35
Austin, Texas Voltaire 0:53
Bachelor(ette) Voltaire 4:44
Believe Voltaire 3:49
Bella Morte Girls Voltaire 0:42
BiTrektual Aurelio Voltaire feat. Jason Miller 5:02
BiTrektual Aurelio Voltaire feat. Robert Picardo 5:02
Blue-Eyed Matador Voltaire 4:43
Boffers on the Lawn Voltaire 6:27
Bomb New Jersey Voltaire 3:20
Born Bad Voltaire 5:17
Brains! Voltaire 4:43
Brains! Voltaire 5:14
BRAINS! Voltaire 5:14
BRAINS! (From The Cartoon Network's Grim And Evil) Voltaire 5:14
Butterfly Voltaire 3:36
Cannibal Buffet Voltaire 3:49
Cannibal Buffet Voltaire 3:56
Cannibal Buffet (Kid's Version) Voltaire 3:57
Cantina Voltaire 6:41
Cantina Voltaire 5:50
Cantina Aurelio Voltaire 7:36
Cantina (demo) Voltaire 7:47
Captains All Voltaire 4:39
Cartoon Network Voltaire 0:32
Cathouse Tragedy Aurelio Voltaire 4:27
Caught a Lite Sneeze Voltaire 3:35
China Girl Voltaire 4:25
Coin Operated Goi Voltaire 3:33
Coin Operated Goi Voltaire 3:34
Come Sweet Death (feat. The Oddz) Voltaire 3:43
Comin' Out for Christmas Voltaire 4:00
Crusade Voltaire 4:51
Crusade Voltaire 4:52
Crusade (Kid's Version) Voltaire 4:50
Damn You, George Lucas (a Monologue) Aurelio Voltaire 1:55
Day of the Dead Voltaire 3:32
Day of the Dead Voltaire 3:36
Day of the Dead (AdventureQuest Worlds Version) Voltaire 3:35
Day of the Dead (Kid's Version) Voltaire 3:33
Dead Voltaire 3:26
Dead Girls Voltaire 4:13
Death Death (Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil Song) Voltaire 5:00
Death Death (Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil Song) Voltaire 5:03
Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead - Spanish version) Voltaire 3:36
Docking Bay 94 Aurelio Voltaire 4:51
Don't Go By the River Aurelio Voltaire 4:30
Dunce Voltaire 5:17
El barquito de nuez Voltaire 1:17
Ex Lover's Lover Voltaire 4:52
Ex Lover's Lover Voltaire 4:48
Ex Lover's Lover Voltaire 4:50
Ex-Lover's Lover Voltaire 5:27
Expendable Aurelio Voltaire 3:41
Fear and Anguish Voltaire 5:39
Feathery Wings Voltaire 5:06
Future Ex Girlfriend Voltaire 3:53
George Lucas Voltaire 1:57
God Thinks Voltaire 4:12
God Thinks Voltaire 4:50
Goodnight Demon Slayer Voltaire 4:48
Goodnight Demon Slayer Voltaire 4:49
Goodnight Demonslayer Voltaire 4:40
Goodnight, Demon Slayer Voltaire 4:46
Goth Monkey Voltaire 1:37
Graveyard Picnic Voltaire 3:32
Hallelujah Voltaire 4:59
Hallo Elskan Min Voltaire 3:23
Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend) Voltaire 2:53
Hate Lives in a Small Town Voltaire 4:05
Heath, Ohio Voltaire 1:14
Hell in a Hand Basket (live) Voltaire 4:39
Hell in a Handbasket Voltaire 4:38
Hell in a Handbasket Voltaire 4:36
Hello Cruel World Voltaire 3:46
Human Nature Voltaire 4:37
I Am Rammstein Voltaire 1:53
I'm Sorry Voltaire 3:18
In Disguise Voltaire 6:10
Innocent Aurelio Voltaire 4:47
Irresponsible Voltaire 3:29
It's Normal for a Man Voltaire 4:37
It’s Bigger on the Inside Aurelio Voltaire 3:58
Land of the Dead Voltaire 1:59
Land of the Dead Voltaire 1:59
Lassie Voltaire 0:49
Leaves in the Stream Voltaire 3:50
Let It Go Voltaire 3:47
Love Song Voltaire 3:30

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