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There are two different SMP's in the database ( Most of the releases are the Seattle industrial/rap/rock band (Jason Bazinet, and formerly Sean Ivy), famous for being on every industrial label in America. His SMP stands for "Sounds of Mass Production" (it used to stand for "Synaesthesia Murder Project" but he seems embarassed about that now). A few comp appearances are an unrelated Esslingen trance act, DJ Shah. His SMP stands for "Shah Music Productions" (T-Kay, at least while far from home and under the influence of something, says it stands for "Shah Meets Pussy").

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Unspecified type

2003Zombie Commandos From Hell! Sonic Assault!Various Artists1


1998RRR 500: Various 500 Lock-Grooves by 500 ArtistsVarious Artists1
1999Nod's TackleBox O' FunVarious Artists2
1999EvolutionVarious Artists1
2001Anonymous Messiah: A Tribute to Marilyn MansonVarious Artists2
2002Salvation + Devotion: A Tribute to Marilyn MansonVarious Artists1
2003Antichrist Superstar: A Tribute to Marilyn MansonVarious Artists1
2008Old School PoliciesDiskonnekted3
2011Justicia Pro BestiaVarious Artists1

Album + Compilation

1994Scavengers In The MatrixVarious Artists1
1995Thugs 'n' Kisses: A Synthcore CompilationVarious Artists1
1995Cyber-Tec AmericaVarious Artists1
1995Elektro-Industrial Sounds Of The Northwest (Unreleased & Exclusive Mixes)Various Artists31
1996Operation BeatboxVarious Artists1
1997The Glory of DestructionVarious Artists1
1998ResurgenceVarious Artists1
1998Circuit Noir, Volume 2Various Artists1
1998Futronik Structures Vol. 2Various Artists1
1998Rotor BitesVarious Artists1
1998Silicon WarfareVarious Artists1
1999Cybonetix 1999Various Artists1
2001Syncromesh:002Various Artists1
2001Closer to the Spiral: A Tribute to Nine Inch NailsVarious Artists1
2001Futronik Structures Vol. 3Various Artists1
2001Notes From Thee Real UndergroundVarious Artists1
2002Tribute of the Year: A Tribute to Faith No MoreVarious Artists21
2002United: The Sound of the UndergroundVarious Artists1
2005Trashed (2001-2004 Remixes)Schizoid1
2005Dark Sonus, Volume 1Various Artists1
2005Electro/R/Evolution, Volume 1Various Artists1
2006Interbreeding VIII: Elements of ViolenceVarious Artists1
2010Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure CancerVarious Artists3.81
2011Face the Beat: Session 1Various Artists1
2012Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack No.02Various Artists1
2012WTII Records Sampler: Spring 2012Various Artists1
2013WTII Records Digital Sampler 2013Various Artists1
2014Cold Waves IIIVarious Artists2
2014WTII Records Free Sampler 2014Various Artists1
2019Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer: Synthcore Dreams Vol. 1Various Artists1
2001CD Baby!Various Artists1
2010Industrial Legacy, Volume 16: Cold Winter NightsVarious Artists1
2010Industrial Legacy, Volume 18: Guitar RiffsVarious Artists1
2011WTII Minifest 2Various Artists1

Album + Compilation + Live

2014Cold Waves Live Album Sampler IIVarious Artists1

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