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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Anoint Me With the Black Sperm of Beleth Slab! 4:02
Big Sleeper Slab! 5:55
Big Sleeper Slab! 5:55
Bride of Sloth SLAB 2:56
Cancer Beach Slab! 4:18
Death's Head Soup Slab! 5:37
Dissonances of Exquisite Morbidity Slab! 6:48
Dolores Slab! 4:31
Dolores Slab! 4:30
Dr Bombay Slab! 5:23
Flirt Slab! 4:59
Flirt Slab! 4:58
Gutter Busting Slab! 3:17
Gutter Busting Slab! 3:12
Land of the Midnight Sun Slab! 5:20
Loose Connection Somewhere Slab! 3:32
Mars on Ice Slab! 5:07
Mooseland Slab! 2:31
Parallax Avenue Slab! 7:12
People Pie Slab! 4:24
People Pie Slab! 4:25
Prankster (Mixed by Monkey Mafia) Slab! 7:26
Railroad Slab! 3:52
Rampant Prankster Slab! 7:22
Rampant Prankster Slab! 5:46
Rampant Prankster (Carl Cox's Jumper remix) Slab! 5:34
Rampant Prankster (Carl Cox's Jumper remix) Slab! 5:00
Rampant Prankster (Monkey Mafia mix) Slab! 4:59
Rampant Prankster (Monkey Mafia mix) Slab! 2:44
Rampant Prankster (Monkey Mafia Mix) Slab! 5:17
Smoke Rings Slab! 6:34
Switchback Ride Slab! 3:47
The Animals Slab! 5:25
Tunnel of Love Slab! 3:47
Undriven Snow Slab! 3:46
Visiting Hour Slab! 3:15
Yukon Slab! 4:17

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