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member of:Alex Cline Ensemble
Alex Cline’s Flower Garland Orchestra
Vinny Golia Quartet
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1979-04-25A.K. Wadud (for Abdul Wadud)percussionTim Berne13:18
1979-04-25Computerized Taps For 12 Different StepspercussionTim Berne6:25
1979-04-25N.Y.C. RitespercussionTim Berne14:35
1979-04-25The Glasco (for Julius Hemphill)percussionTim Berne9:35
1980-01-087XpercussionTim Berne9:37
1980-01-08A Pearl in the Oliver C.percussionTim Berne4:12
1980-01-08ChangpercussionTim Berne6:48
1980-01-08FliespercussionTim Berne7:11
1980-01-08Showtime (for Don and Thelma Cline)percussionTim Berne12:06
1980-01-08The Water People (for Brian Horner)percussionTim Berne8:42
1981-02-05For Charles MinguspercussionTim Berne11:31
1981-02-05Grendel (for Hamid Drake)percussionTim Berne8:50
1981-02-05Hot and ColdpercussionTim Berne7:57
1981-02-05SpectrespercussionTim Berne5:36
1981-02-05StrollpercussionTim Berne9:19
1988-05-30 – 1988-06-01The Red Winddrums (drum set) and percussionCharlie Haden Quartet West5:02
2000-08Air Above Zenn-LapercussionBendian, Gregg's Interzone9:28
2000-08Kirby's Fourth WorldpercussionBendian, Gregg's Interzone12:54
2000-08New GodspercussionBendian, Gregg's Interzone14:22
2000-08Other SkylinespercussionBendian, Gregg's Interzone4:32
2000-08Primordial InkpercussionBendian, Gregg's Interzone10:12
2000-08Teaneck In The Marvel AgepercussionBendian, Gregg's Interzone17:47
2000-08The Mother BoxpercussionBendian, Gregg's Interzone10:04
2018-10-07Left Eye MoonpercussionPatrick Shiroishi, Vinny Golia, Dylan Fujioka, Alex Cline18:32
2018-10-07Left Eye Moondrums (drum set)Patrick Shiroishi, Vinny Golia, Dylan Fujioka, Alex Cline18:32
2018-10-07Right Eye SunpercussionPatrick Shiroishi, Vinny Golia, Dylan Fujioka, Alex Cline13:45
2018-10-07Right Eye Sundrums (drum set)Patrick Shiroishi, Vinny Golia, Dylan Fujioka, Alex Cline13:45
7 Quintuplets / Triptych / Bass Solopercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh5:23
All Said and Done / Sirens / Reverencepercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh4:32
Awj / Ancestral Memorypercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh5:08
BetsypercussionTim Berne12:42
Bird of Preypercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh3:43
Doves Over Zion (Dream of the Beloved)/Duet (interlude)percussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh5:19
Facet Eleven / Twelvepercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh3:54
Facet Five / Sixpercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh4:48
Facet Ninepercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh1:48
Facet Onepercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh2:34
Facet Seven / Eightpercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh5:42
Facet Tenpercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh5:49
Facet Three / Fourpercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh3:22
Facet Twopercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh2:39
FedericopercussionTim Berne9:12
Icicles RevisitedpercussionTim Berne9:29
Introduction: Copper Refractionpercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh2:24
MiniaturepercussionTim Berne7:03
Post-Idiomatic Blues / Cells Apercussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh7:33
Uganda / Trio (interlude)percussion [drums, gong]Amir ElSaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh4:39
Unknown DisasterpercussionTim Berne5:51
Cloud PlatepercussionAlex Cline, Kaoru, Miya Masaoka & G. E. Stinson
The Lamp and the StarpercussionAlex Cline
Betsylead vocalsTim Berne12:42
The Lamp and the Starother vocals [voice]Alex Cline