Mushroom (psychedelic rock band from USA)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Dinger and Rother Visit) The Reeperbahn Mushroom 20:24
(Hats Off to) Bert Jansch Mushroom 7:44
(Hats Off to) Bert Jansch Mushroom 10:04
(The Continual Search For) Elaine Robinson Mushroom 2:23
4 Men With Beards Mushroom 0:45
A Dusty Groove Mushroom 5:48
A Good Writer, Like a Sociopath Can Convince People to Change Their Minds Mushroom ?:??
A Letter From My 5th Grade Teacher to My Mom, Letting Her Know That I'm Not Living Up to My Potential - Five Years Later, I Was at a Party at His House Smoking a Joint With Him, I Guess We Patched Things Up Mushroom ?:??
A Song of Remembrance for a Time When Wife Swapping Was Considered Politically Correct Mushroom 9:11
A Tribute to Eddie Harris: a. Swiss Movement (The Ticking of a Clock) / b. Some Jive Ass Wasting My Time Mushroom ?:??
A Violin Bow in Curved Air Mushroom ?:??
Abbie Hoffman Mushroom 12:02
All the Guitar Players Around Sean Smith Say He's Got it Coming, But He Gets it While He Can Mushroom 8:12
Americans Own the Moon, They Bought It From the Germans - Who Won It During a Poker Game in World War II Mushroom 3:58
Americans Own the Moon, They Bought It From the Germans--Who Won It During a Poker Game in World War II (1968 Chicago Democrati) Mushroom 23:41
Are We Being Taped? Mushroom 0:30
Auberge Mushroom 11:18
Backwaterside Mushroom 0:59
Blues For An Airplane Mushroom ?:??
Blues for Bobby Seale Mushroom 4:34
Border Crossing Mushroom with Eddie Gale 8:01
Bowed Gong Mushroom 10:20
Brian Felix & The Trinity Mushroom 2:10
Celebration at Big Sur (The Sound of Gulls Outside of Room 124) Mushroom 4:01
Compared to What Mushroom 7:54
Connecting the Molecules With the Light Mushroom 13:52
Delta Lady Mushroom 3:22
Dig My Mood Mushroom ?:??
Don't Blame Me, I Voted for McGovern Mushroom 4:02
Elliott Smith Mushroom 13:42
Elliott Smith Reprise Mushroom 7:39
Even the Beatles Had Beards Mushroom 8:03
Flesh Failures (Let the Sun Shine In) Mushroom 3:37
For Men With Beards Mushroom 10:31
For Men With Beards (Brenda's Break Beat edit) Mushroom 2:30
Foxy Music Mushroom 5:58
Foxy Music (Mama Faust remix by Hans Joachim Irmler) Mushroom 7:43
Friends Who Worry About Each Other Depending on What Screwed Up Shit Is Going on in Their Lives Mushroom ?:??
Getting In Thun Mushroom 2:37
Glazed Popems Mushroom 6:43
Grooving With Herbie Mushroom 5:51
Half Sicilian/Half Welsh Mushroom 7:58
I Don't Need to Fight, to Prove I'm Right - I Don't Need to Be Forgiven Mushroom with Eddie Gale 9:29
I Don't Want to Clap, It Will Sound to Lonely Mushroom ?:??
I Got a Line on You Mushroom 2:42
I Got Blisters on My Fingers Mushroom 4:19
I Got Blisters on My Fingers (Belgian White Chocolate remix by Kyle Statham, Anne & Nathalie) Mushroom 4:04
I Got Blisters on My Fingers (Black Eyed Pig Rough remix) Mushroom 4:44
I Had Some Dreams, They Were Clouds in My Coffee Mushroom 6:43
I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Destroyed by Acid Jazz Mushroom 3:30
I'll Give You Everything I've Got for a Little Piece of Mind Mushroom 1:17
I've Never Understood the Importance Placed on Dance Club DJ's They Seem Like the Lowest Link on the Chain, Equivalent to a Fluffer on a Porn Film Site Mushroom ?:??
If This Was Released on Thrill Jockey or Kranky Would You Like It More? Mushroom 5:54
Indulgence Mushroom 4:20
Infatuation Mushroom 1:53
Introduction: Learning to Live Together Mushroom 0:46
Isle of Wight Mushroom 8:58
Jerry Rubin: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Mushroom 4:31
Joe Namath Mushroom 5:31
Just Because Nobody Understands You, That Doesn't Mean You're an Artist Mushroom 1:07
Keep on Running Mushroom 3:14
Klaus Dinger Mushroom 7:43
Klonopin Mushroom 17:57
Kyle Loves a Funny Bunny Mushroom 6:19
Kyle Loves a Funny Bunny Mushroom 6:19
Kyle Loves a Funny Bunny Mushroom 10:48
Leni Riefenstahl Mushroom ?:??
Let's Have Sex (Noise 'n' Guitars remix by Quintus Kannegiesser) Mushroom 6:30
Listen Now! I Was Torn Down at the Dance Place - Shaved Head at the Organ Mushroom with Eddie Gale 18:11
Lofty Hawk Mushroom ?:??
Martina - Queen of Hamburg Mushroom 4:21
Martina: Queen of Hamburg Mushroom 4:21
McDonald and Giles Mushroom 16:02
My Brain Hurt Like a Warehouse, It Had No Room to Spare Mushroom 8:29
My Sweet Eddie Mushroom 2:17
Nightime in Utrecht Mushroom 3:57
No Anagrams Found by Recursive Algorithm Mushroom ?:??
October 1970 Mushroom 4:51
On the Corner (Part 2) Mushroom 3:56
On the Corner (Part 2) Mushroom 3:56
Our Buddy Miles Mushroom 11:09
Our Love Mushroom with Eddie Gale 8:03
Party With Marty Mushroom 8:10
Peace Mushroom with Eddie Gale 7:39
Persona Non Grata Mushroom 1:28
Phillip Seymour Hoffman Mushroom 6:31
Pink Island Mushroom 4:13
Playing in Traffic Mushroom 6:18
Psychedelic Soul on Wax (Eldridge Cleaver vs. Timothy Leary) Mushroom 18:54
Pusherman Mushroom 6:15
Rackets Mushroom 5:15
Running Wild and Looking Pretty (Theme Song for DJ Kitty) Mushroom 5:36
Saint John's Wort Mushroom 8:55
Selling Oakland by the Pound Mushroom with Eddie Gale 3:19
Singing a Song in the Morning Mushroom 3:56
Slip Away Mushroom 3:57
Sneak Attack Mushroom 6:49
Some Jive Ass Wasting My Time Mushroom ?:??
Some Jive Ass Wasting My Time (Consommé mix) Mushroom 5:21
Sonia & Sonya Mushroom 8:39

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