Name ISRCs Rating Length
8lb Balls (Katie and Kevin) 1:16
Attacked by a Monkey 1:54
Beanie Babies (Karl Malone) 5 1:36
Beat Around the Bush Phone Sex (Ken) 2:06
Birchum Looks for a Job 3:38
Black Guy Masturbating in Park (Elmer Higgins) 3:27
Blind Stripper 3:39
Building a House, Part 2 (Chip Douglas) 2:48
Caligraphy (Niles Standish) 2:56
Caulk (Niles Standish) 2:04
Chinese Rapper 2:33
Crank Yankers Theme 1:04
Deaf Friend Phone Sex 4:42
Do You Know That Song? (Special Ed) 2:55
Dr. Drew Talks Hip-Hop (Loveline) 2:32
Grandpa's Bath (Bobby Fletcher) 2:44
Hallmark Cards (Spoonie Luv) 4:20
Hawaii (Special Ed) 1:15
Helen Looks for Her Cookies 2:49
Hits a Deer (Bobby Fletcher) 2:44
I Got Mail 2:31
I Have Junk! (Boomer and the Nudge) 2:40
Kids Saw Porn (Gladys Murphy) 3:04
Lost $25 Chip (Hadassah Guberman) 3:35
Lost Leg 3:14
Nanny Job (Hadassah Guberman) 2:17
Niles Calls Healthcare 3:52
Nude Model (Helen Higgins) 2:21
Parrot #1 (Helen Higgins) 2:27
Pee Delivery (Elmer Higgins) 2:40
Penis Pump 3:36
Phone Sex Vomit (Danny) 2:53
Porn Survey 2:06
Power Jammin' & Mega Mixin' 2:45
Raven (Cammie) 2:29
Rosie's Candy Birthday (Terrence Catheter) 3:56
Security Guard Job (Dick Birchum) 3:12
Shoulda Sent It Sooner (Touch-Tone Terrorists) 5:40
Spoonie Luv Sends Flowers 2:58
Spoonie Takes Out a Personal 4:01
Sporting Goods Spokesperson (The Truth) 3:25
Tech Orgasm 3:38
Terrence Calls Spago 4:06
The Nemesis 1:17
The Phone Zone (Sav McCauley) 3:32
Turd in Car 3:16
Waste Management (Hadassah Guberman) 3:48
We Get to Drink 4:45
Westrope (Tony Deloge) 2:49
Wheelchair Library (Gene Winterbuck) 4:55
Wu Tang at Reba's 3:01
Your Son Hit My Car (Dom) 3:05

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