George Formby (Musical Film Star 1904-1961)

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1963It’s Turned Out Nice AgainGeorge Formby and His Ukelele1
1975The World of George Formby Vol 2George Formby1
1989Easy Going ChapGeorge Formby1
1995That Ukelele ManGeorge Formby2
1997Mr UkeleleGeorge Formby1

Album + Compilation

1989HippodromeGeorge Formby1
1990The Very Best of George FormbyGeorge Formby2
1991When I'm Cleaning WindowsGeorge Formby1
1995When I’m Cleaning WindowsGeorge Formby1
1997The Very Best of George FormbyGeorge Formby1
2000When I’m Cleaning WindowsGeorge Formby1
2001George FormbyGeorge Formby1
2002Turned Out Nice AgainGeorge Formby1
2002When I’m Cleaning WindowsGeorge Formby1
2006The War and Postwar YearsGeorge Formby1
2006The Very Best of George FormbyGeorge Formby1
2009The Best of George FormbyGeorge Formby1
2017The Absolutely Essential 3 CD CollectionGeorge Formby1


1929All Going Back / In the CongoGeorge Formby2
1932I Could Make a Good Living at That / Let's All Go to RenoGeorge Formby1
1932Do De O Do / Chinese BluesGeorge Formby1
1932I Told My Baby With the Ukulele / If You Don't Want the Goods, Don't Maul 'emGeorge Formby1
1933She's Never Been Seen Since Then / Swimmin' With the Wimmin'George Formby1
1933Why Don't Women Like Me? / Running Round the Fountains in Trafalgar SquareGeorge Formby1
1935Riding in the T.T. Races / The Isle of ManGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra1
1936Gallant Dick TurpinGeorge Formby And Company1
1936I'm a Froggie / The GhostGeorge Formby - Comedian With His Ukulele And Orchestra1
1936Ring Your Little Bell (Ting Ting) / Quick Fire MedleyGeorge Formby1
1936The Pleasure Cruise / The Wash-House at the BackGeorge Formby2
1936When I’m Cleaning Windows / Keep Your Seats PleaseGeorge Formby3
1937Dare Devil Dick / Bunkam's Travelling ShowGeorge Formby1
1937Hindoo Man / My Little Goat and MeGeorge Formby1
1937I Don't Like / My Plus FoursGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1937Leaning on a Lamp Post / Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti IslandGeorge Formby And His Ukulele2
1937Oh, Dear Mother / With My Little Stick of Blackpool RockGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1937The Lancashire Toreador / The Window Cleaner No. 2George Formby1
1937When We Feather Our Nest / You're a Li-A-TyGeorge Formby1
1937You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming / She Can't Say "No"George Formby And His Ukulele1
1938Keep Fit / Biceps, Muscle and BrawnGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra1
1938Does Your Dream Book Tell You That / Like the Big Pots DoGeorge Formby2
1938I Blew a Little Blast on My Whistle / In My Little Snapshot AlbumGeorge Formby2
1938I Can Tell It by My Horoscope / Hitting the High SpotsGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1938Little Wooden Toolshed in the Garden / Frigid Air FannyGeorge Formby1
1938Noughts and Crosses / Mother, What'll I Do NowGeorge Formby2
1938Our Sergeant Major / Rhythm in the AlphabetGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1938Springtime's Here Again / The Joe-Jah TreeGeorge Formby1
1938Sitting Pretty With My Fingers Crossed / Kiss Your Mansy PansyGeorge Formby1
1938They Can't Fool Me / It's in the AirGeorge Formby2
1938Tan-Tan-Tivvy Tally Ho! / I Wonder Who's Under Her Balcony Now?George Formby1
1938Wunga Bunga Boo / Have You Ever Heard This One?George Formby1
1939Hill Billy Willie / It's Turned Out Nice AgainGeorge Formby2
1939I'm Making Headway Now / I Could Not Let the Stable DownGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra2
1939I'm the Husband of the Wife of Mr. Wu / It's a Grand and Healthy LifeGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra1
1940I'm the Ukulele Man / On the BeatGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra3
1940Count Your Blessings and Smile / Oh! Don't the Wind Blow ColdGeorge Formby And His Ukulele2
1940Chinese Laundry Blues / My UkeleleGeorge Formby1
1940Down the Old Coal Hole / On the Wigan Boat ExpressGeorge Formby2
1940Dan the Dairy Man / The Blue-Eyed Blonde, Next DoorGeorge Formby2
1940Letting the New Year In / Bless 'em AllGeorge Formby2
1940With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock / Lancashire Hot Pot SwingersGeorge Formby1
1940Why Don't Women Like Me? / Sitting on the Ice in the Ice RinkGeorge Formby1
1941Thanks Mister Roosevelt / Bless Em All No 2George Formby1
1941You'll Be Far Better Off in a Home / I Did What I Could With My Gas MaskGeorge Formby1
1941You'll Be Far Better Off in a Home / I Did What I Could With My Gas MaskGeorge Formby1
1941The Barmaid at the Rose and Crown / I'd Do It With a SmileGeorge Formby1
1941Film Favourites Part 1 & 2George Formby And His Ukulele1
1941Grandad's Flannelette Nightshirt / Mr. Wu's a Window Cleaner NowGeorge Formby And His Ukelele2
1941I Played on My Spanish Guitar / Swing MamaGeorge Formby1
1941It Might Have Been a Great Deal Worse / Delivering the Morning MilkGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1941In My Little Snapshot Album / Noughts and CrossesGeorge Formby And His Ukuele1
1941Our Sergeant Major / I'm the Husband of the Wife of Mr WuGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1941The Left Hand Side of Egypt / Who Are You A-Shoving OfGeorge Formby2
1941You Can't Go Wrong in These / Auntie Maggie's RemedyGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1941You're Everything to Me / The Emperor of LancashireGeorge Formby1
1942Andy the Handy Man / They Laughed When I Started to PlayGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra3
1942Delivering the Morning Milk / Talking to the Moon About YouGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1942Got to Get Your Photo in the Press / Mr. Wu's an Air Raid Warden NowGeorge Formby And His Ukulele2
1942George Formby's Crazy RecordGeorge Formby2
1942Smile All the Time / Out in the Middle EastGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1942Thirty Thirsty Sailors / Hold Your Hats OnGeorge Formby1
1942Under the Blasted Oak / Oh, You Have No Idea!George Formby2
1942When We Feather Our Nest/ Biceps, Muscle and BrawnGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra1
1943Home Guard Blues / Get Crackin'George Formby1
1943Serves You Right / Swim Little FishGeorge Formby3
1943You're a Li-A-Ty / Leaning on a Lamp PostGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1944Hill Billy Willie / Got to Get Your Photo in the PressGeorge Formby And His Ukulele1
1944If I Had a Girl Like You / Bell Bottom GeorgeGeorge Formby1
1944The "V" Sign Song / The Old Cane Bottom ChairGeorge Formby1
1945Our Fanny's Gone All Yankee / Unconditional SurrenderGeorge Formby2
1945The Daring Young Man / I'd Like a Dream Like ThatGeorge Formby1
1946It Could Be / We've Been a Long Time GoneGeorge Formby1
1946Sentimental Lou / Blackpool PromGeorge Formby1
1949You Cant Keep a Growing Lad Down / It's No Use Looking at MeGeorge Formby2
1950Come Hither With Your Zither / Auntie Meggie's RemedyGeorge Formby With Harry Bidgood Orchestra1
1950Leanin' on a Lampost / When I'm Cleaning WindowsGeorge Formby With Harry Bidgood Orchestra2
Bless 'em All (No. 2) / You'll Be Far Better Off in a HomeGeorge Formby1
Bunty's a Big Girl Now / On the HMS CowheelGeorge Formby1
British Isles Medley / American MedleyGeorge Formby1
Dan, the Dairy Man / Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti IslandGeorge Formby And His Ukulele With Orchestra1
Fanlight Fanny / Share and Share AlikeGeorge Formby And His Ukelele1

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