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Killing Joke are an influential UK punk/goth/rock/industrial band. Jeremy "Jaz" Coleman - who sings, performs keyboards and synthesizers, and composes and conducts strings and orchestral parts when used - fronts the band. Guitarist Kenneth "Geordie" Walker and Coleman have been the constant members.

Original drummer "Big Paul" Ferguson once described their music as "the sound of the earth vomiting".

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1980Killing JokeKilling Joke411
1981What’s THIS For…!Killing Joke3.657
1982RevelationsKilling Joke34
1983Fire DancesKilling Joke44
1985Night TimeKilling Joke4.511
1986Brighter Than a Thousand SunsKilling Joke4.656
1988Outside the GateKilling Joke44
1990Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed EmotionsKilling Joke55
1994PandemoniumKilling Joke4.2510
1996DemocracyKilling Joke59
2003Killing JokeKilling Joke4.513
2006Hosannas From the Basements of HellKilling Joke4.657
2010Absolute DissentKilling Joke3.55
2012MMXIIKilling Joke3.54
2015PylonKilling Joke410

Album + Compilation

1992Laugh? I Nearly Bought One!Killing Joke52
1995Wilful DaysKilling Joke2
2004Chaos for BreakfastKilling Joke1
2004For BeginnersKilling Joke2
2007Bootleg Vinyl Archive, Volume 2Killing Joke1
2007Bootleg Vinyl Archive, Volume 1Killing Joke2
2008RMXDKilling Joke41
2008Fire Dances / Night TimeKilling Joke1
2013The Singles Collection 1979–2012Killing Joke4

Album + Compilation + Live

2002Love Like Blood (Most tracks recorded live at Lorely 1985)Killing Joke2

Album + Compilation + Remix

2014In DubKilling Joke23
2021In Dub – Rewind (Vol. 1)Killing Joke1
2023Killing Joke in Dub Rewind (Vol II)Killing Joke2

Album + Spokenword

1997The Courtauld TalksKilling Joke2

Album + Live

1982“Ha” Killing Joke LiveKilling Joke42
1995BBC in ConcertKilling Joke1
2001...No Way Out but Forward GoKilling Joke1
2003The Unperverted Pantomime?Killing Joke5
2005Ha!Killing Joke1
2005XXV Gathering!Killing Joke32
2007Inside Extremities, Mixes, Rehearsals and LiveKilling Joke2
2008The Peel Sessions 1979 - 1981Killing Joke1
2008Live at the Forum, Part 1: 03-10-08Killing Joke1
2008Live at the Forum, Part 2: 04-10-08Killing Joke1
2008The Original Unperverted PantomimeKilling Joke1
2008Duende: The Spanish SessionsKilling Joke2
2009The Gathering 2008Killing Joke1
2009RequiemKilling Joke1
2010Live at the Hammersmith Apollo 16.10.2010Killing Joke2
2011Down by the RiverKilling Joke2
2016The Great GatheringKilling Joke1
2018Laugh at Your Peril (live in Berlin)Killing Joke1
2018Laugh at Your Peril: Live at the RoundhouseKilling Joke2
2019Malicious Damage – Live at the Astoria 12.10.03Killing Joke2
2019Live in BerlinKilling Joke1
2021Total Invasion: Live in the USAKilling Joke1

Album + Remix

1996Alchemy: The RemixesKilling Joke2
1998Wardance: The RemixesKilling Joke1


1980Wardance / PssycheKilling Joke2
1980RequiemKilling Joke2
1981Follow the LeadersKilling Joke2
1982Empire SongKilling Joke1
1982Chop‐ChopKilling Joke1
1982Birds of a FeatherKilling Joke2
1983Let's All Go (to the Fire Dances)Killing Joke1
1983Me or You?Killing Joke41
1984EightiesKilling Joke2
1984A New DayKilling Joke2
1985Love Like BloodKilling Joke3
1985Kings and QueensKilling Joke2
1986AdorationsKilling Joke3
1986SanityKilling Joke3
1988AmericaKilling Joke3
1991Money Is Not Our GodKilling Joke1
1991Money Is Not Our God (Hideous remix) / Special (live)Killing Joke / Violent Femmes1
1992ChangeKilling Joke2
1994ExorcismKilling Joke1
1994MillenniumKilling Joke3
1994The Pandemonium SingleKilling Joke5
1994JanaKilling Joke1
1995DemocracyKilling Joke45
2003Loose CannonKilling Joke2
2003Seeing RedKilling Joke1
2006Hosannas From the Basements of HellKilling Joke3
2012In CytheraKilling Joke1
2012Corporate ElectKilling Joke2
2013Your Worst Fears Confirmed: Selected Singles 1979–2012Killing Joke1
2023Full Spectrum DominanceKilling Joke1


1979Turn to Red EPKilling Joke15
1988My Love of This LandKilling Joke51
2010In ExcelsisKilling Joke43
2011European Super StateKilling Joke33
2022Lord of ChaosKilling Joke3

EP + Live

1994Jana – Live EPKilling Joke1

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