Name ISRCs Rating Length
Bleed It Out 4:38
Breaking the Habit (Ghost in the Machine Remix) 3:56
Burning in the Skies (live, 2011: Hamburg) ?:??
Don't Stay (live, 2007: Shanghai) ?:??
Faint (live, 2011: Hamburg) ?:??
Forgotten (demo) ?:??
From the Inside (live, 2010: Sydney) ?:??
In The End (BeeKay remix) 7:35
My Own Summer (live) ?:??
Numb (Jerry Galeries 80s Remix) 2:42
Papercut (Ghost in the Machine Remix) 2:56
Papercut (live, BBC) ?:??
Runaway (instrumental) ?:??
Session (Ghost in the Machine Remix) 4:00
Somewhere I Belong (Tyler Clark Remix) 3:49
The Catalyst (NoBraiN remix) [Linkin Park feat. You] ?:??
The Little Things Give You Away 2:59
The Wizard Song 0:39
Waiting for the End (live, 2010: Berlin) ?:??
What I've Done 3:27
What I've Done 3:11
When They Come for Me (live, 2010: Paris) ?:??
Wretches and Kings (live, 2011: Las Vegas) ?:??

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