Dean Marino

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member of:Ex~Po (Canadian indie rock band)
NOVELS (Canadian one-off indie rock supergroup)
Tin Star Orphans
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Milkman / To Cure a Weakling ChildBorn Ruffians5:30
2006-02Darkest Blues: Relief That Nothing Can Be DoneWoods of Ypres4:54
2006-02December in WindsorWoods of Ypres3:01
2006-02Deepest Roots: Belief That All Is LostWoods of Ypres2:12
2006-02Distractions of Living AloneWoods of Ypres6:17
2006-02End of TraditionWoods of Ypres5:47
2006-02Iron GrudgeWoods of Ypres3:58
2006-02Mistakes Artists Make (The Dream Is Dead)Woods of Ypres3:56
2006-02Song of RedemptionWoods of Ypres5:38
2006-02The Northern ColdWoods of Ypres5:33
2006-02Thrill of the StruggleWoods of Ypres6:33
2006-02Through Chaos and Solitude I Came…Woods of Ypres4:59
2006-02To Lock Eyes With a Wild BeastWoods of Ypres5:18
2006-02Trillium: The Third of Three Winters 2004–2007Woods of Ypres4:34
2006-02Years of Silence (and the Private Joke)Woods of Ypres4:27
2006-02Your Ontario Town Is a Burial GroundWoods of Ypres5:35