Simple Minds (Scottish rock band)

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additional members:Robin Clarke (from 1985 until 1986: lead vocals)
members:Duncan Barnwell (from 1978-01 until 1978-11: guitar)
Derek Forbes (from 1978-05 until 1985-03, from 1996-07 until 1998-07: bass guitar)
Michael MacNeil (from 1978-03 until 1989-11-28: keyboard)
Kenny Hyslop (from 1981-10 until 1982-02: membranophone)
Mike Ogletree (from 1982-02 until 1982-11: drums (drum set))
Mel Gaynor (from 1982-11 until 1992, from 1997-06 until 1998-07, from 2002 until 2018: drums (drum set))
John Giblin (from 1985 until 1988: bass guitar)
Malcolm Foster (from 1989 until 1995: bass guitar)
Mark Taylor (keyboards (Simple Minds)) (from 1991 until 1998: keyboard)
Mark Schulman (from 1994 until 1995: drums (drum set))
Jim McDermott (in 1997: drums (drum set))
Eddie Duffy (from 1998 until 2010-09: bass)
Mark Kerr (in 1999: drums (drum set); in 2001: acoustic guitar)
Andy Gillespie (Simple Minds keyboardist) (from 2002 until 2017: keyboard)
Ged Grimes (Scottish bass player for Danny Wilson, Simple Minds) (from 2010-10 to present: bass guitar)
Catherine AD (British multi-instrumentalist and songwriter) (from 2014 until 2018: keyboard, background vocals)
Sarah Brown (backing singer) (from 2017 to present: lead vocals, background vocals)
Gordon Goudie (from 2017 to present: guitar, keyboard, background vocals)
Cherisse Osei (from 2017 to present: drums (drum set))
Berenice Scott (from 2020 to present: keyboard)
original members:Charlie Burchill (from 1977-11 to present: guitar, keyboard)
Jim Kerr (of Simple Minds) (from 1977-11 to present: lead vocals)
Tony Donald (from 1977-11 until 1978-04: bass guitar)
Brian McGee (UK drummer) (from 1977-11 until 1981: drums (drum set))
supporting keyboard by:Mark Taylor (keyboards (Simple Minds)) (from 2005 until 2007)
background vocals support by and lead vocals support by:Sarah Brown (backing singer) (from 2009 until 2017)
tribute artists:The Minds (Belgian tribute to Simple Minds)
Remind (Italian Simple Minds tribute)
Simple Minded (Simple Minds tribute)
part of:7th Annual Smash Hits Reader’s Poll – Best Group (number: 7) (order: 7)
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All for YouSimple Minds2:52
Belfast ChildSimple Minds6:41
Belfast ChildAlan Stivell feat. Simple Minds5:43
CacophonySimple Minds1:41
Calling Your NameSimple Minds5:07
Carnival (Shelter in a Suitcase)Simple Minds2:51
ChangelingSimple Minds4:12
Chelsea GirlSimple Minds4:35
Citizen (Dance of Youth)Simple Minds2:54
DestinySimple Minds3:39
FactorySimple Minds4:15
Film ThemeSimple Minds2:27
JerusalemSimple Minds2:59
Life in a DaySimple Minds4:06
Murder StorySimple Minds6:20
Naked EyeSimple Minds2:22
No CureSimple Minds3:34
Pleasantly DisturbedSimple Minds8:02
PremonitionSimple Minds5:29
Real to RealSimple Minds2:51
Sad AffairSimple Minds2:46
ScarSimple Minds3:34
SomeoneSimple Minds3:43
VeldtSimple Minds3:35
WastelandSimple Minds3:46
The Aircrash BureauhandclapsGary Numan5:38
King Is White and in the Crowd (live, 1991‐06‐19: Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, USA)Simple Minds4:20
Let There Be Love (live, 1991-06-19: The Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)Simple Minds5:22
1984-07-10Don’t You (Forget About Me) (original version)Simple Minds4:21
Brothers in ArmsTrevor Horn feat. The Sarm Orchestra & Simple Minds4:54
One Step CloserPlanet Funk feat. Simple Minds3:46
18-18 (demo)Simple Minds2:09
Act of Love (demo)Simple Minds4:16
Alive and Kicking (acoustic)Simple Minds5:53
Being BoiledSimple Minds3:51
Big MusicSimple Minds4:12
Big Music (Johnson Somerset remix)Simple Minds11:03
BittersweetSimple Minds3:58
BlindfoldedSimple Minds5:24
Blindfolded (Johnson Somerset remix)Simple Minds10:07
Blindfolded (reprise)Simple Minds4:24
Blood DiamondsSimple Minds4:21
Broken Glass ParkSimple Minds4:41
Chelsea Girl (demo)Simple Minds6:16
Chelsea Girl (acoustic)Simple Minds4:28
Cocteau Twins (demo)Simple Minds3:53
Concrete and Cherry BlossomSimple Minds3:33
Dancing BarefootSimple Minds3:48
Dancing BarefootSimple Minds4:03
Did You Ever? (demo)Simple Minds2:37
Don’t You (Forget About Me) (acoustic)Simple Minds5:16
European Son (demo)Simple Minds4:06
Glittering Prize (acoustic)Simple Minds4:07
Honest TownSimple Minds4:47
Honest Town (Johnson Somerset remix)Simple Minds10:21
HumanSimple Minds3:42
HypnotisedSimple Minds4:46
ImaginationSimple Minds3:42
Kill or CureSimple Minds4:12
Let the Day BeginSimple Minds5:10
LiaisonSimple Minds4:37
Lies (demo)Simple Minds1:45
Little Bitch (demo)Simple Minds2:52
Long Black Train (acoustic)Simple Minds4:36
Love Will Tear Us ApartSimple Minds4:49
Midnight WalkingSimple Minds3:54
Midnight Walking (Johnson Somerset remix)Simple Minds9:06
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (acoustic)Simple Minds4:58
Pablo Picasso (demo)Simple Minds3:33
Pleasantly Disturbed (demo)Simple Minds8:10
Promised You a Miracle (acoustic)Simple Minds feat. KT Tunstall4:35
Riders on the StormSimple Minds3:46
Sanctify Yourself (acoustic)Simple Minds4:59
See the Lights (acoustic)Simple Minds4:58
She’s a River (edit)Simple Minds4:29
Someone Somewhere in Summertime (acoustic)Simple Minds4:40
Spirited AwaySimple Minds4:09
Subway Sex (demo)Simple Minds3:16
Swimming Towards the SunSimple Minds5:16
The American (acoustic)Simple Minds4:30
The Needle and the Damage DoneSimple Minds4:15
Tonight (demo)Simple Minds2:34
Wasteland (demo)Simple Minds3:29
Waterfront (acoustic)Simple Minds5:16
Life in a DaySimple Minds
Life in a DaySimple Minds
Real to Real CacophonySimple Minds
Real to Real CacophonySimple Minds
Real to Real CacophonySimple Minds
Reptile Man Drop: A Tribute to Simple MindsLeæther Strip
Reptile Man Drop: A Tribute to Simple MindsLeæther Strip
NéapolisSimple Minds
NéapolisSimple Minds
Black & White 050505Simple Minds
Good News From the Next WorldSimple Minds
Good News From the Next WorldSimple Minds
Good News From the Next WorldSimple Minds
Neon LightsSimple Minds
tribute albums
Reptile Man Drop: A Tribute to Simple MindsLeæther Strip
Swimming Towards the Sun: A Tribute to Simple MindsVarious Artists
Dark Isle
Gaelic Melody
1979 – 2012Factory
1983 – 2013Up on the Catwalk
“C” Moon Cry Like a Baby
Bass Line
Calling Your Name
Capital City
Carnival (Shelter in a Suitcase)
Citizen (Dance of Youth)
Constantinople Line
Film Theme
I Travel
Life in Oils
Naked Eye
Real to Real
Shake Off the Ghosts
Soundtrack for Every Heaven
The Kick Inside of Me
Thirty Frames a Second
This Fear of Gods
Today I Died Again
1983 – 2013Up on the Catwalk
“C” Moon Cry Like a Baby
Dark Isle
Shake Off the Ghosts
The Kick Inside of Me
A Brass Band in Africa