Pills (French electro band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
1 bb Pills FRZ039502070 3:55
4 Girls With a Balloon Pills FR16Q9380010 5:05
Amazing Dread Club Pills FRZ039701590 4:30
Amazing Dread Club Pills 4:30
April Sun Pills FRY039900330 8:49
Arena Pills FRZ039502080 9:12
Autobahn Cosmos Pills FRZ039502020 7:01
Autobahn Cosmos (edit mix) Pills FRZ039601150 3:49
Autobahn Cosmos (Gay Terrorist on Surf mix) Pills FRZ039601180 5:54
Autobahn Cosmos (live mix) Pills FRZ039601170 7:02
Autobahn Cosmos (Stronger mix) Pills FRZ039601160 3:45
Black Pearl Pills FRZ039701580 6:20
Black Pearl Pills 6:20
Black Pearl Pills FRZ039702080 2:34
Care of U Pills FRY030100880 4:34
Chapeau melon & Bottes de cuir (long cyclic version) Pills USAT29800823 8:43
Chapeau melon & Bottes de cuir (short cyclic version) Pills USAT29800822 3:54
Clouds on the Beach Pills FR16Q9380030 5:27
Darkside Pills FRZ039701570 8:17
Darkside Pills 8:17
Deep People Pills FRZ039502000 1:05
Don't Let Ur Daughter Go Out (With Anyone of Pills) Pills FRY039900360 3:28
Drugstore Pills FRZ039701540 5:14
Drugstore Pills 5:14
E-Men Pills FR16Q9280030 8:08
East Down Town Pills FRY030100820 4:45
Every Cells of Me (Are Burning) Pills FRY030100870 4:03
Everywhere, at Anytime, in Any Place Pills FR16Q9480030 4:47
Evolution of Man (Check Urself) Pills FRY030100800 4:21
Fangorn Pills FR16Q9480020 8:20
Feelin' So Good Pills FRY030100810 3:57
Free Step Pills FRZ039802160 4:32
Free Step Pills FRZ039701600 11:07
Free Step Pills 4:33
Free Step Pills FRZ039701600 4:30
Free Step Pills 4:33
Full of Stars Pills FRY039900440 4:49
Fun K Tronic Pills 3:24
Fun-K-Tronic Pills FRZ039701530 4:05
Fun-K-Tronic Pills 4:08
Fun-K-Tronic (Cause We Are Funky mix) Pills FRZ039800690 8:52
Fun-K-Tronic (LP mix) Pills FRZ039800670 4:05
Fun-K-Tronic (Pills club mix) Pills FRZ039800660 3:32
Fun-K-Tronic (radio mix) Pills FRZ039800770 3:21
Fun-K-Tronic (rework edit) Pills FRZ039800680 3:25
Fun-K-Tronic' Cause We Are Funky (An Electro Gothic mix) Pills 8:52
Funkatronic (radio mix) Pills 3:21
Garçon Pills FRZ039502100 8:39
Garden Party Pills FRZ039701520 5:36
Garden Party Pills 5:36
Gimme Few More Seconds Pills FRY030100910 0:33
Go My Own Way Pills FRY030100840 2:09
Haiah Pills FR16Q9280020 4:44
Hi Everybody Pills FRY030100770 0:44
Hot Dog Breakfast Pills FRY030100860 0:19
Hurricane Pills FRZ039701560 7:32
Hurricane Pills 7:32
I Am Real (Electro of Me) Pills FRY039900340 6:30
I Feel U Pills FRY030100890 3:59
I Preach to Party Pills FRY039900320 9:15
I Preach to Party (7" mix) Pills FRY039901120 4:00
I Preach to Party (7" mix) Pills FRY039901090 3:39
I Preach to Party (7" Party mix) / I Preach to Party (a cappella) Pills 11:50
I Preach to Party (a cappella) Pills FRY039901110 7:00
I Preach to Party (Drum dub) Pills FRY039901140 4:31
I Preach to Party (Lectrodub) Pills FRY039901150 7:43
I Preach to Party (Lectroluv edit) Pills FRY039901160 3:56
I Preach to Party (Lectroluv mix) Pills FRY039901130 9:56
I Preach to Party (long album version) Pills 9:14
I Preach to Party (long party mix) Pills 10:02
I Preach to Party (LP mix) Pills FRY039901080 10:28
I Preach to Party (Party mix) Pills FRY039901100 10:04
I Preach to Party (The Lectrodub) Pills 7:41
I Preach to Party (The Lectroluv remix) Pills 9:57
I See U Pills FRY030100900 2:28
Insane Moves Pills FRY039900350 6:04
It Should Be Better (For Me) Pills FRY039900400 3:15
J'me sens bien Pills FRZ039500390 3:25
J'me sens bien (original mix) Pills FRZ039502090 3:53
J'me sens bien (Ukiyo mix) Pills FRZ039501990 5:54
Je tourne Pills FRZ039502040 3:40
Junky Star Pills FRZ039701550 5:15
Junky Star Pills 5:15
Katakhane (Stereo Generation Wide mix) Pills FR16Q9280040 3:47
King K Priss Pills FR16Q9480010 8:20
Lovers' Lane Pills vs Lillë FRY030100920 3:33
Music Soldia (French Connection mix) Pills FRY039900370 5:32
Natpen Pills FRZ039502050 2:44
Natpen (98 mix) Pills FRZ039801510 2:44
Never Say Goodbye Pills FRY030100780 8:02
Noise C'mon Pills FR16Q9280010 5:43
Now (Underground) Pills FRZ039501980 5:20
On the Wild Style (Ya'll Feel That?) Pills FRY030100850 1:37
One Pills FR16Q9180010 5:56
Outro Pills FRY039900450 1:48
Over Your Dreams Pills 5:17
Paris Pills FRZ039502030 1:58
Read My Lips Pills FR16Q9180020 5:24
Rock Me Pills 3:36
Rock Me Pills 3:34

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